Translation of balloon catheter in Spanish:

balloon catheter

catéter balón, n.


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    catéter balón masculine
    • In carotid angioplasty the stenosis is dilated by using a balloon catheter introduced percutaneously through the femoral artery.
    • Balmes and colleagues also performed peripheral airway lavage using a modified balloon catheter to isolate specific airway segments.
    • Cutting balloon angioplasty utilises a standard balloon catheter with three or four microblades (depth 0.18 mm, thickness 0.70-0.76 mm).
    • Once stents are in place, the balloon catheter is removed and more images are taken to see how well blood flows through your newly widened artery.
    • An 11.5-mm balloon catheter was introduced through the papilla and inflated alongside the filling defect.