Translation of ballpoint in Spanish:


bolígrafo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔlˌpɔɪnt/ /ˈbɔːlpɔɪnt/

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(ballpoint pen)
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    bolígrafo masculine
    esfero(gráfico) masculine Colombia
    pluma atómica feminine Mexico
    birome feminine River Plate
    lápiz de pasta masculine Chile
    • When I left for pastures new, I had literally a couple of dozen pencils, disposable ballpoints, marker pens, and highlighters stashed in my top drawer.
    • Parker, Sheaffer and Waterman, capture the smaller upscale markets of fountain pens and expensive ballpoints.
    • Secretaries had to write with proper pens, not ballpoints.
    • Cheepers reached over and pushed the button on top of the pen that made the ballpoint of the pen come out.
    • One who has been on the writing end of the pen Liam now has to face the ballpoints of other journalists who may not be as kind as when he was playing.
    • Or get a spiral notebook and a ballpoint, plant yourself under a tree, and pen a few lines of prose.
    • To help him, I hold his pen, and click the ballpoint in and out, so it won't go effete and lazy between clues.
    • In those days, books were free, and children were supplied with everything from ballpoints to mathematical sets - teachers merely ordered what they needed.
    • It seems to embrace a lot of our speculations here about the willful nature of ideas, and works well for things within our conscious realm, from babies to ballpoints.
    • There are many, many commercials, where local voices and ballpoints display their talents.
    • They were so eager to close they could hardly get their ballpoints out fast enough.
    • She took her time looking me over, dug into her fake Gucci handbag and handed me a ballpoint saying, ‘Give it back when you're done.’
    • He licks his fingers, then his lips, then the ballpoint and begins very slowly copying out the letters and numbers in triplicate on three ancient, moth-winged ledgers.
    • The PR person rummaged through a desk in the suite and unearthed a ballpoint with the hotel logo on it.
    • A furtive local sidled up to me holding a pad and a ballpoint.
    • My cheap ballpoint scratched across the page, and as soon as it was lifted off, my name was called to the audition room.
    • The Pilot G2 is one of those ‘gel’ pens, not a regular ballpoint.
    • The card will probably begin with these words, scrawled in a variety of spidery, loopy styles, in crayon or felt-tip or ballpoint: ‘Dear Dad’.
    • I wondered how long my pens would last: I'd used quills before, and would much rather use a ballpoint or even a modern calligraphic pen.
    • Twist the black band, and a yellow highlighter tip emerges around and past the ballpoint.