Traducción de ballroom dancing en Español:

ballroom dancing

baile de salón, n.


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    baile de salón masculino
    • His main recreation remains ballroom dancing - tango, cha cha and waltz being his specialities.
    • Mention ballroom dancing and many immediately think of the waltz.
    • He was a neurosurgeon, yes, and a wonderful, wonderful man whose hobbies were skiing and dancing, ballroom dancing.
    • Just before her mother's death in 1958, Nerina decided to take up ballroom dancing and joined a dance club.
    • Then they do a few more hours of off ice work every day - ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, hip hop, and gym work.
    • Although ballroom dancing is popular in the townships, there are no ballet teachers there.
    • We also teach ballroom dancing, which is popular among Anglo-Indians.
    • The social stigma surrounding ballroom dancing in Japan is one reason why he conceals the pursuit from his family.
    • For example, ballroom dancing had been popular in the Cape cities after the war.
    • Competitive ballroom and Latin dancing should never be confused with ballroom dancing.
    • She also has the pleasure of continuing with her training in ballroom dancing while achieving her competencies.
    • There is entertainment galore, from choirs and music to ballroom dancing and various competitions.
    • At first that meant giving the sales staff lessons in ballroom dancing to help them develop an air of sophistication.
    • O'Connor actually competed in ballroom dancing when she was between seven and ten.
    • Anyway she taught us all how to ballroom dance in a way that was different, because some of it was just dance moves made to looked like ballroom dancing.
    • And these kids aren't dancing on the ceiling, but they are ballroom dancing.
    • But aside from that, he was the most popular man on the floor of many dance halls in the golden age of ballroom dancing.
    • The couple started ballroom dancing lessons three years ago.
    • She loves dancing and plans to continue ballroom dancing with her husband for many years to come.
    • My friend was trying to teach me to break dance, but my first love will always be ballroom dancing!