Translation of ballyhoo in Spanish:


propaganda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbæliˌhu/ /balɪˈhuː/


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    propaganda feminine
    bombo masculine informal
    after all the ballyhoo, the movie itself was a letdown después de todo el bombo que le dieron, la película fue una decepción informal
    • The ballyhoo with which the film has been received has to be attributed, at least in part, to the impoverishment of field from which it springs.
    • There has been a lot of ballyhoo about all these developments, but it is worth noting that these deals will be worthless unless new legislation is passed to modernise the law on casinos.
    • With loud hurrahs from appropriate quarters and much general ballyhoo, my friend went along to that victory parade in London.
    • Admittedly, he owes his fame largely to the media ballyhoo, but he's fed and clothed by the readers who have bought his books.
    • The recent ballyhoo about debt relief for 14 African countries was wildly overblown; it was no more than a modest first step.
    • But, generally speaking, commercialism has a big role to play in all this ballyhoo.
    • It certainly gets an awful lot of ballyhoo from well before its arrival.
    • There's a lot of ballyhoo involved in getting a taxi in this country.
    • A piece of genuine, if faded and controversial US-style ballyhoo, will take place.
    • Over the two-disc set are enough bonus features, biographical material, and nostalgic Tinseltown ballyhoo to have even the most exacting film fan jumping for joy.
    • Plastered on every available storefront, barn, bus bench, and shoeshine stand was a poster seducing you with an attractive couple in mid-kiss and black bold-faced ballyhoo exploding all around them.
    • Personally I think this is a load of ballyhoo, because the photograph is just to represent what the food will look like - you don't eat a photograph, now do you!
    • And amidst all the teenage jeers and overall ballyhoo, one serious middle-aged man said, ‘I want to believe’.
    • For the fans of the genre, who have heard and read about the movie in the various fan mags, all the hype is not just empty wagging and ballyhoo.
    • There was a lot of press ballyhoo last week about a new licensing paradigm for the music industry on the Internet.
    • I myself am not above such occasional ballyhoo, most recently biting the hook hard on recently fashionable hyphenated mergers of electronics and rock, be it dance-punk or lap-pop or lance-ponk.
    • Biohazard is a perfect example of this newfound ballyhoo.
    • Digital technology comes to us heralded by a great deal of utopian ballyhoo, but in some surprising ways it discourages creativity.
    • This is a refreshing departure from the self-satisfied ballyhoo typical of rockstars.
    • It opened amidst much ballyhoo in the US in October, but audiences forgot to show up.

transitive verb

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    darle bombo a informal
    anunciar con bombos y platillos
    anunciar a bombo y platillo Spain
    their much-ballyhooed romance su tan cacareado romance informal