Translation of baloney in Spanish:


tonterías, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈloʊni/ /bəˈləʊni/


  • 1informal

    tonterías feminine
    chorradas feminine Spain informal
    macanas feminine River Plate informal
    • No nonsense, no baloney, not a lot of fanfare, and it's proceeding very quickly.
    • This thing about them not going well is a load of baloney.
    • Just when it looked like the magic of the cup was being exposed as a load of old baloney, the substitute required only three minutes to underline his faith in it.
    • Well I don't quite get Ancram's point, but I do get the Indy's, and it is a typical piece of baloney.
    • Our ‘content’ should be at all times inept, obscure, bluff, diatribe, baloney, codswallop or at worst irrelevant.
    • ‘That's the biggest load of baloney,’ Cantor said.
    • Based on my own experience, I think that's a load of baloney.
    • Essentially, the charter is just a load of baloney.
    • It has failed, it is a hoax, and it is a load of baloney.
    • The mainstream media swallow spin and purvey it according to the adage, ‘If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with baloney.’
    • ‘Clump of cells’ is baloney, as I have argued in my article ‘What Does It Mean to Be Human?’
    • The explanation that the public isn't really interested is pure baloney.
    • I'm filling in any factual gaps w / baloney, but the story goes something like this: maybe something like 200 healthy laboratory rats were inadvertently thrown out at the dump.
    • It's called postmodernism and, among other things, it claims that all ideas are relative, that all science is baloney and that pretty much any reality is just a ‘social construct.’
    • Their decision tells my critics, ‘You're full of baloney!’
    • All that Architectural Space Social Engineering stuff that was so optimistically babbled about back when I sweated through my lectures all those years ago was, and always will be, baloney.
    • I might consider myself a spiritual person - if someone could offer me a coherent definition of the term - but I'm basically an atheist, and feel wholly detached from all this heated baloney.
    • Economists who claim it is already the second largest in the world are talking baloney and not using real dollars to measure the economy but an economist's dream called parity purchasing power.
    • When the truth comes out about these charges against me, people will find out all this baloney doesn't stand.
    • ‘The argument's baloney,’ Scott snaps, displaying a rare flash of irritation.
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