Translation of bamboo in Spanish:


bambú, n.

Pronunciation /bæmˈbu/ /bamˈbuː/

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nounplural bamboos

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    bambú masculine
    • Grasses, sedges and bamboos are grown mostly for their foliage and anything that enhances that effect is worth having.
    • The towering banana trees, giant bamboos and coconut palms were surrounded by endless varieties of smaller plants and flowers.
    • His slides showed examples of phormium, umbellifors, ferns and grasses, such as yuccas, angelica, tree ferns, bamboos and pampas grass.
    • I have seen giant bamboos growing; the effect is a bit like a free range, organic church organ.
    • The mild Puget Sound climate provides a perfect environment for the maples, bamboos, azaleas, broad-leafed evergreens, and conifers that are the backbone of Japanese garden design.
    • There are numerous true bamboos, running and clumping types, that can be grown in the garden or in large containers.
    • Rain drove us indoors to the warmth of a huge German wood-burning stove in a room with floor to ceiling windows, overlooking a large cobbled atrium with grasses and bamboos in containers.
    • Grasses and bamboos, on the other hand, hate disturbance at this time of year, preferring to be worked on in the spring or early summer.
    • The turquoise blue Martha Brae river ran in a big curve through the estate, overhung with giant bamboos and full of crayfish.
    • Some bamboos will grow well in Wales as they are frost-hardy and evergreen.
    • Several noninvasive, clumping bamboos do well.
    • The gardens which surround it include mature bamboos, tree ferns, Italian Cypresses and mature Agaves.
    • All are supplied from his exotic collection of hundreds of different bamboos plus palms, tree ferns, grasses, unusual evergreens and rare conifers.
    • Upon reaching the unimaginably elegant and tranquil village, our visual senses were overwhelmed by verdant and lush hills, slender young bamboos, stout-aged pines, and two joyous streams.
    • The more desirable garden bamboos are, naturally, those that grow slowly at the root and have rapid vertical growth.
    • But I am going to shave and trim my goatee which seems to be growing at the happy rate of bamboos.
    • These included a number of exotic plants - rhododendrons, bamboos, and tree ferns being particularly well represented.
    • Most bamboos fall between the two physiological states of constant flowering and constant sterility.
    • At the technical level, the bamboos were engraved by either a scorch-marking process or with sharp quartz flints, pieces of shell or other similar instruments.
    • The undulating streams, swaying bamboos, sylvan surroundings and trekking tracts make Ganeshgudi and Dandeli unique holiday destinations.
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    caña de bambú feminine
    bambú masculine
    (furniture) (before noun) de bambú
    • Sometimes, the placing and spacing requires a bit of thought, so I poke in small bamboo canes where I want plants to go.
    • The neighboring village of Bona is also known as a major producer of bamboo furniture and basketry.
    • We also organise festivals to popularise bamboo furniture and local art forms.
    • For those who had seen only bamboo furniture on the roadsides, it was different.
    • They fed me on boiled pumpkin, wild rice, little mud fish and river prawns cooked in hollow bamboo tubes.
    • The strong smoky flavour comes from laying the tea leaves on bamboo trays above burning pinewood.
    • This reminds me of when my Dad used to make kites for me out of bamboo canes and brown paper.
    • For, artisans from the northeast are here with their bamboo and cane works.
    • As the masks are made of bamboo and cane, it is very light and easy to don.
    • State bamboo and cane products received the first orders from China and Turkey.
    • The arrival of synthetic products may have pushed bamboo and cane out of the front rows in the market.
    • Jute bags look stylish enough, when used as carry bags fitted with bamboo or cane handles.
    • First they cut a little well into bark and fill it with water carried in hollow bamboo.
    • I always use a few bamboo canes to mark the planting position so I don't damage the shallow - planted bulbs.
    • The thatched roofs are made out of palm fronds, and the walls out of bamboo or cane.
    • With no windows the interior is illuminated only by the thin needles of light entering between the bamboo canes.
    • The craftsmen process the bamboo by cleansing and soaking the bamboo stems in water for a couple of days.
    • Shadow puppets are manipulated with bamboo sticks attached to the lower part of leather puppets.
    • I stand over another well, another deep hole, but this one has long bamboo poles and timber flung in.
    • They have no money and spend every day carrying rice up the mountain on bamboo sticks.