Translation of ban in Spanish:


prohibir, v.

Pronunciation /bæn/ /ban/

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transitive verb banning, banned, banned

  • 1

    (book/smoking) prohibir
    (organization) proscribir
    (activity) prohibir
    (activity) vedar
    to ban sb from sth
    tomorrow's demo has been banned han prohibido / desautorizado la manifestación de mañana
    • ban the bomb! ¡no a la bomba atómica!
    • Part of his bail condition bans him from the Hoover Drive area.
    • To ban him presumably would be discrimination against people with bent arms.
    • Magistrates issued the ASBO which bans him from parts of Penhill estate and includes a curfew after hearing Liam led a gang of louts who terrorised residents.
    • Fourteen-year-old Megan declares that her dad is an embarrassment, and even bans him from her soccer games.
    • The order also bans him from Woodhall Parade, Broomfield Parade and the area surrounding St John Payne School.
    • The order bans him from the area around Broad Street between 7pm and 2am for the next two years.
    • The blood lab said they were banning me unless I come back with some new veins.
    • He was jailed three times for repeatedly flouting a court order banning him from the estate.
    • I was turning pro then anyway but I came home and there was talk about the pro game banning me as well.
    • Mr Ross said his client would benefit from an order banning him from the town centre.
    • Foster was to plead his innocence and Carlyle has indicated that the club would appeal if he is banned.
    • He remembers a list of places from which he is banned and scurries away to retrieve it.
    • He said if he was banned for a year he would try to get a job to pay off his student loan until he was allowed back to his studies.
    • The guard saw him leaving and told him not to come back because he was banned for life.
    • Can't we start a petition to ban him from his own movies?
    • And he said, you know, I think they're trying to ban me for life.
    • More amusingly, he briefly attempted to ban me from the campaign after my latest efforts to pry answers out of his blandly evasive candidate.
    • Actually, with a new CD coming out in eight weeks, she might ride this puppy to the top of the charts, even if they ban her from the Grammies.
    • Cars were banned from the park all day in a bid to keep traffic disruption to a minimum.
    • York tourism boats can continue to ply their trade, but rowers are banned from the river.
    • We therefore, demand that the internet be permanently banned from American homes.
    • As a result of this, the islanders are banned from fishing in their own waters.
    • The University was eager to point out that alcohol is banned from Oxford's streets.
    • The pop star was then banned from Cuba on the orders of Fidel Castro, the president.
    • One reason the hotel is so magically peaceful is that cars are banned from the mountain.
    • The subject is banned from our interview because the case has still to come to court.
    • If all private cars were banned from zone one of London the city would be a better place.
    • Under the gagging order the media was banned from publishing anything he had to say.
    • Any car which fails to finish a stage is banned from competing in the rest of the race.
    • If they legally ban cloning research in order to prohibit progress on the research, I will fight to change the laws.
    • It is baffling to me why anyone would want to create a monopoly, a power to censor and prohibit, and ban the reporting of open justice.
    • In a major policy change, the winter-use plan issued in 2000 proposed to ban snowmobiles from the park.
    • In addition, the proposal bans the broadcast of violent and pornographic materials between 6 am and 11 pm.
    • Yellow lines banning evening parking in nine York city centre streets finally look set to be scrapped.
    • But proposals to ban daytime deliveries on some of Kendal's shopping streets have been greeted with outrage by shopkeepers, who fear they could be forced out of business.
    • Grease is the word when it comes to the political debate sparked off by Labor's proposal to ban food and drink advertising on kids' TV.
    • Soon after the council announced it could pedestrianise St Leonard's Place, a proposal to ban traffic along Fossgate is being favourably considered.
    • The UN issued a proposal Tuesday to ban single-hulled ships from carrying heavy oil in European Union waters.
    • In a landmark legal case, they have persuaded a court to issue an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, which bans her from their neighbourhood.


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    prohibición feminine
    to put / impose a ban on sth prohibir algo
    • there's a ban on alcohol at soccer matches han prohibido las bebidas alcohólicas en los partidos de fútbol
    • to remove the ban on sth levantar la prohibición de algo
    • to be under a ban estar prohibido
    • Hunt supporters were today preparing a legal challenge to the ban on hunting which they claim will put more than 250 people out of work across Hampshire.
    • The government of Indian-administered Kashmir is to launch a legal challenge to a ban on the weaving and trading of the world's most expensive shahtoosh shawl.
    • The Times & Citizen leads with the report that the Oakley Hunt is vowing to continue despite the possibility of a legal ban on fox-hunting.
    • The legal challenge to the ban on same-sex marriage starts November 7.
    • In the absence of these measures a legal ban on strike looks somewhat arbitrary.
    • On Sept.4, 1997, the city announced a ban on legal prostitution.
    • For this reason, and because of the potential hazards described in this article, a legal ban on the use of powdered latex gloves may occur.
    • The Senate is currently considering a legal ban on human cloning passed by the House of Representatives in July.
    • A legal ban on biotech research will have little effect on corporate profits, despite Sanders' rhetoric.
    • The legal ban on building houses within 100 metres of the sea is now being enforced.
    • The prohibitions include a ban on trading and sleeping on the sidewalk, green areas, riverbanks and other public places.
    • McConnell has taken advice from his legal team that a ban on public health grounds in Scotland is entirely within his powers.
    • And its results fall far short of what most Dales residents and visitors want - namely, a complete legal ban on off-roading in the national park.
    • Finally, a three-year ban on all sealing was recommended, the foundation of the moratorium approach to conservation of marine mammals.
    • The thaw in relations also removed a three-year ban on bilateral sporting events in October 2003.
    • As well as the three-year driving ban and six-month curfew, the magistrates also ordered her to sit another test before getting her licence back.
    • Exceptional circumstances have allowed a man to escape a driving ban, despite admitting being almost twice the legal limit.
    • Despite the official ban on direct trade with China, cross-strait trade soared into record territory, economics officials said yesterday.
    • American fighter pilots are routinely given amphetamines on combat missions to keep them awake, despite an official ban on the use of the drugs, the US Air Force has confirmed.
    • Already, a hotel chain and a sports club have mounted separate legal challenges to the ban.
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