Translation of banal in Spanish:


banal, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈnɑl/ /bəˈnæl/ /bəˈnɑːl/ /bəˈnal/


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    • The banal and obvious truth is that life and a country are largely what you make of them.
    • No one can get excited about the most boring and banal of road stops like this guy.
    • I made a long list of quite banal and boring questions that I went through and asked this man.
    • I find most New Age spiritual music to be boring and banal but I've met a lot of people that find great use for it.
    • The album avoids being banal and predictable because he is not afraid to fully use his voice to emote.
    • People are always trotting out banal statistics and clichés to placate those who appear to be in a spot of bother.
    • Her comments are so threadbare and banal, that her role smacks of the worst kind of tokenism.
    • The real opposite of the sublime is, of course, the intransigently banal and commonsensical.
    • The outcome of this populist turn is the celebration of the ordinary and the banal.
    • This outcome has become a banal tautology repeated in every pharmaceutical marketing article.
    • It doesn't really say anything new and tells its story in the most banal and predictable manner possible.
    • While some of the book's guidelines are common sense, others are banal.
    • A song which can appeal to non-native speakers is obviously going to have relatively banal lyrics.
    • So expertly dissected that it's like all great satire - banal in its accuracy and attention to detail.
    • As long as domesticated TV reigns supreme, our fascination with the banal will surely continue.
    • What followed was flagrant musical bankruptcy and the insufferable drone of banal music.
    • The play pokes fun at these dialogues through characters having banal conversations.
    • She loathes Hollywood, finds it distasteful and banal, hates the idea of her art being tainted by commerce.
    • I suspect that he thinks he is one, which is why we are occasionally treated to comments that to most people appear banal.
    • Ray's comments swerved from the banal, to the solid and sober, like all good reporters.