Translation of bandeau in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bænˈdoʊ/ /ˈbandəʊ/

nounplural bandeaux

  • 1

    • Not only did Ms. Lenglen shock the world by being the first to wear a short skirt, she ditched the traditional tennis hat for a sleek bandeau that allowed her to see what she was doing on the court.
    • The leading feature is a couple of girls of the period, the foremost garbed in a blazing red jumper over a white dress and wearing a white bandeau across her vermilion hair.
    • I don't want to sound like a character in ‘Ab Fab’ who wants to give it all up and bang tambourines with a bandeau, but that's pretty much how I feel at the moment.
    • The headbands range from soft bandeau bands to U shaped glitter and faux silk bands.