Translation of bandmaster in Spanish:


director de banda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbæn(d)ˌmæstər/ /ˈban(d)mɑːstə/


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    director de banda masculine
    • The article provoked anger at Miller from certain army brass and some old-line military bandmasters.
    • Military bandmasters were able to arrange pieces to suit their players and instruments, and many became composers themselves.
    • He has been bandmaster of the Morawa Brass Band since 1960, but began with the band in 1948 playing the euphonium.
    • He was also the bandmaster for the Rum City Silver Band and in 1977 formed a community band made up of students from the schools at which he taught.
    • Sergeant Caroline Constantine, 31, is currently on the bandmaster's course at the Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall.
    • The education department paid a bandmaster because there were 5 school bands in Newcastle.
    • The congregation sang the American battle hymn, the US national anthem and God Save the Queen, accompanied by Wilton Royal British Legion Band, led by bandmaster Bob Hardy.
    • Zorn is also known for his desire for absolute control; a familiar feature in large-scale bandmasters.
    • The bandmaster, John Ward, helped me to learn the basics but he was not that familiar with it either as the instrument was so new.
    • I remember clearly the red turban of the Sikh bandmaster but can't recollect anything sensible about the rest of the band.
    • A note on the back of the original print names the bandmaster as ‘Mr Metcalfe, Skipton.’
    • Striking that balance between old and new will always be difficult, but after a few numbers here, memories of their old bandmaster begin to fade.
    • The bandmaster's stick, glowing at both ends, moved in circles, though you could not see the man behind it.
    • I thanked the bandmaster for his gesture, but could hardly get the words out.
    • He is now undertaking the bandmaster's course at Kneller Hall, Twickenham.
    • Caroline's father Isaac was an oboist in the Hanovarian Foot Guards and rose to become the bandmaster.
    • These were played with great enthusiasm but no skill by various scouts, but we never found a bandmaster.
    • Wallace Hartley was the bandmaster on the Titanic and it is reported he and the band played on while the ship sank.
    • He was perhaps not a great composer like his brother, but was still an important pedagogue and bandmaster who went down in the history of Turkish music as the founder of European tradition.
    • ‘Our old accordions are worn out and have given us great service,’ says bandmaster Peter Smith.