Translation of bandsaw in Spanish:


sierra de cinta, n.


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    sierra de cinta feminine
    • The tools used comprise the usual suspects: hoists, tongs, routers, chainsaws, bandsaws and chisels.
    • Need to cut a length of tube steel out in the scrap pile, but don't want to dig the steel out and haul it to a shop bandsaw?
    • At the heart of most shops, you can find a heavy-duty table saw or bandsaw, a thickness planer, and a jointer.
    • They're all made with bandsaws and have strings.
    • The upper bearing is made with revolving shaft running in adjustable bearings, same as our regular bandsaws.
    • In this exhibition, Terry Maker showed a dozen wall sculptures dated 2000 or 2001, most made of painted canvas rolled up into skinny tubes and cut in short lengths with a bandsaw.
    • Use a bandsaw to cut the radius to a depth of no more than 1-1/4 inches.
    • Robert cuts the tubes into 3-inch lengths with his bandsaw.
    • The iMac keyboard is pretty sturdy and if you are careful you can actually lop almost a quarter inch off each end with a bandsaw, without cutting anything crucial.
    • This shaft powered a bandsaw, a lawn mower sharpener, an emery wheel grinder, a disc sharpener, a forge blower, and a trip hammer.
    • When the company introduced the bandsaw is still a mystery, but there are no ship saws listed in their 1888 catalog.
    • This is the sort of pattern one might expect from a bandsaw, with the slant resulting from the forward feed of the block.
    • The bandsaw, which was used to cut large pieces of meat and bone, was situated in the shop's main walkway, where people regularly passed by.
    • The professionals often speed the process up with a bandsaw, but these have a tendency to waste a lot of bowstaves until you know what you're doing.
    • A hacksaw or metal cutting bandsaw is the tool to use here.
    • Mr Stockting, a bandsaw operator, said: ‘This has got to stop.’
    • Between bouts of running a portable bandsaw mill and helping local people and businesses with computer problems, he tries to find time to play the violin and cello.
    • Her father was a bandsaw operator, and her mother looked after Mrs Austin and her two sisters.
    • The firm has also recently taken delivery of a new 60 ins bandsaw which can handle most large logs, and serves other woodworkers in the area.