Translation of bandwagon in Spanish:


carroza de (los) músicos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbændˌwæɡən/ /ˈbandwaɡən/


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    carroza de (los) músicos feminine
    to climb / jump on the bandwagon subirse al carro / al tren
    • Apart from the integrated oil outfits, lots of other businesses are now climbing on board the environmental bandwagon.
    • FOXY BROWN is the latest member of the hip hop contingent to jump on the fashion bandwagon.
    • One thing Clinic could never be accused of is copying anyone's sound or jumping aboard the latest fashionable bandwagon.
    • So a few weeks ago, way, way behind the bandwagon, I discovered the Norah Jones album.
    • Any spectacle surrounding the Tyson bandwagon tends to display only the awesome power of money.
    • There are a number of people jumping on the Scottish bandwagon and making things very depressing.
    • Most of them have already hopped on the Linux bandwagon, largely by working with the likes of Linuxcare and Red Hat.
    • It could also add enough momentum to finally bring New Labour's privatisation bandwagon to a grinding halt.
    • Perish the thought of jumping willy-nilly on to investment bandwagons or lavishing shareholders' funds on high-profile marketing campaigns.
    • While reluctant to jump on the celebrity bandwagon, Mansfield has been active in pursuing other ways to move his company forward.
    • It is ironic that arts in education appears to be something of a political bandwagon.
    • The Buccaneers bandwagon is smoldering after an embarrassing loss in San Francisco.
    • While others may be content to jump on the electroclash bandwagon, Tiga again proves to be an innovator.
    • Critics, notoriously influenced by what other critics have written, are often prone to drift onto bandwagons, consciously or not.
    • For some time I have wondered why it is only Hollywood, and not our own film industry, that is riding the Shakespeare bandwagon.
    • However, as soon as they have a steady income and begin to raise a family, they join the package-deal bandwagon or join guided tours.
    • In the short-term meanwhile, there are plans for a website, as Robertson jumps on the e-commerce bandwagon.
    • As always with the year drawing to a close I am debating whether or not to jump on the resolution bandwagon.
    • Hundreds of cities around the nation have climbed onto the sustainability bandwagon.