Translation of bang-up in Spanish:


súper, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbæŋɡˌəp/


informal, dated
  • 1

    (invariable adjective) súper informal
    • And they're doing a bang-up job: Corporations are currently turning over 30 percent less of their profits to the taxman than they did 20 years ago.
    • Instead he's given the keys to newcomer Stephanie Dupont, and while she's still getting the hang of the whole blogging thing, I can safely say she's doing a bang-up job.
    • I didn't enter anything this week, and Inscrutable American did a bang-up job in presenting the entries.
    • The final featurette, ‘The Craft of SCTV,’ does a bang-up job of championing the most unsung heroes of the series: the make-up and costuming people.
    • Short on the ‘why,’ Public Enemies does a bang-up job on the ‘how.’
    • But we wondered how the Minnesota Department of Transportation could do such a bang-up job building its first rail line while conspiring, it seemed, to keep its location a secret.
    • Morgan, my other friend San, Morgan's parents, Morgan's two brothers, Morgan's friend Jane from the other Junior High, and I did a bang-up job.
    • Depardieu is Bernard, the errant spouse in question, and as always this actor does a bang-up job of playing the mop-haired alpha male, forced to accept the all but intolerable burden of being superior.
    • I mentioned recently that Brash has done a bang-up job of blending the economic liberalism and social conservatism required for a successful National party leader.
    • He can definitely feed and bathe himself and no doubt do a bang-up job of protecting his young from tigers, but let's face it: Evan is simple folk.
    • I hear you are doing a bang-up job down there in Sicily.
    • Oh, I think you do a bang-up job of that all on your own.
    • Katherine Isabelle is making a mark for herself as the wise-beyond-her-years sarcastic adolescent, and again she delivers a bang-up job.
    • Obviously this is creepy and idiotic, and the First Amendment Project is (as usual) doing a bang-up job bringing these issues to the public.
    • When Jason Cross joined us, we stuffed a lab bench into his office, and he's done a bang-up job of turning it into a mini-lab.
    • In spite of that, they do a bang-up job with what they've got.
    • Signs of global reflation are definitely in the air - credit spreads are narrowing; junk bonds are having a bang-up year; submerging markets have turned back into emerging ones.
    • Houston is short on good Greek food, and I always figured that peer pressure from the city's close-knit Greek community virtually guaranteed bang-up food from this proud, energetic clan.
    • Rebecca Taylor consistently does bang-up business, something that is sure to continue when this spring 2004 collection hits the racks in late winter - early spring
    • Frank is initially a little jealous of his son's new father-figure, but being the all-around bang-up guy that he is, he encourages Danny to get along with Rick for the sake of a peaceful home life.