Translation of bank account in Spanish:

bank account

cuenta bancaria, n.


  • 1

    cuenta bancaria feminine
    • I once had a large sum of money deposited into my bank account by mistake.
    • He did not turn up for work at Ryalux Carpets on Queensway and he has not withdrawn any money from his bank account.
    • It will fund its activities by taking money from your bank account whether you like it or not.
    • They must have the money paid into a bank account, or open a Post Office Card Account and then withdraw the cash.
    • The Council went to court to get him declared bankrupt and a judge made an order for them to take the money from his bank account.
    • You just have to hand over your personal details and some of your money to a certain bank account.
    • Yes, well since I'm not Pablo Escobar could they perhaps put the money in my bank account?
    • Neither Leeson nor any other War Child employee at any time put any money into a personal bank account.
    • PayPal then transfers the money electronically to your bank account or posts it to you as a cheque.
    • An inquiry at the academy found an unauthorised bank account and unauthorised deposits.
    • We just need to transfer the whole amount of the money into your private bank account.
    • I don't understand them but they seem to put some money into my bank account every month.
    • Thus, his Lordship continued, money stolen from a bank account can be traced in equity.
    • If they want an acknowledgement, they're going to have to wait until my money is in my bank account.
    • We also kept a substantial sum of money in our Thai bank account ready for that rainy day.
    • No catches, no tricks, just give the word and the money goes into my bank account.
    • Children put their pocket money into a bank account to save up to buy a bicycle.
    • So why don't they just put that money into a bank account and only use it for emergencies?
    • Once PayPal has your bank details it deposits two small security amounts into your bank account.
    • I have also transferred a ridiculously large amount of money to my solicitor's bank account.