Translation of bank balance in Spanish:

bank balance

saldo, n.


  • 1

    saldo masculine
    • While Craig Dus was treasurer of the Plaum's Pit club, he produced quarterly accounts showing a healthy bank balance.
    • As Jay-Z quips, sometimes he wants to rap like Common but then he takes a look at his bank balance and continues to mine the money seam.
    • Hours before her bank balance became a telephone number she was worried sick about paying for the new school uniform for her youngest child Lee.
    • Is it the appalling language, the irregular sleeping patterns, or the continual drain on your bank balance?
    • Gone are the days of healthy profits and a burgeoning bank balance.
    • First, my bank balance is depleted by funds sufficient to bankrupt a lower league football club.
    • Put your imagination to work instead of your bank balance and watch the business roll in.
    • A single man about town should be able to splash out on these things without feeling a moment's guilt or too big a dent in his bank balance.
    • I try not to think about my bank balance, credit card facility and outstanding payments if I can help it.
    • You have plenty of autonomy, and once you begin profit sharing your bank balance could grow rapidly.
    • Interestingly though, the only thing these aids are guaranteed to lower is your bank balance.
    • Hospital chiefs have dipped into capital reserves to prop up an ailing bank balance.
    • We dreamed of doing something that would amount to more than a bank balance.
    • She didn't notice because the amount was not large relative to her normal bank balance.
    • What inspired such madness was a paltry bank balance which required alternative and cheap entertainment and a wish to have buns of steel by summer.
    • In this new climate, the bank balance soon replenished itself and I was suddenly in a position to place an offer on the cheapest of properties.
    • And even when the spirit is willing, the bank balance may be weak.
    • The former includes establishing a career, getting married, building a bank balance, name and fame.
    • I sit here typing with a sore and sunburnt head, an aching arm, a depleted bank balance, and feeling a little bit appalled with myself.
    • But every company in the land has to watch its bank balance and every investor has to make a decision about how much cash to keep in a portfolio.