Translation of bank bill in Spanish:

bank bill

billete de banco, n.


  • 1US

    (paper money)
    billete de banco masculine
    • Henderson went in first, presented a bank bill and asked the clerk, a man named Jesse Baker, if it was good.
    • He designed tissues, stamps and even bank bills.
  • 2British

    (bill of exchange)
    pagaré bancario masculine
    • Interest rate futures are futures contracts based on financial instruments such as bank bills of exchange or government bonds.
    • On the money market, 90-day bank bill yields were at 6.57 per cent.
    • The 90-day bank bill rate rose from 6.4 per cent in 1973 to 8.8 per cent in 1974-75.
    • Eligible collateral for Open Market Operations include Treasury bills, gilt-edged stock, eligible bank bills, and securities issued by EU governments and supranational institutions.
    • Originally developed to thwart counterfeiting of bank bills, Hitachi said the minute integrated circuit could equally be embedded in consumer products to track them in case of theft.