Translation of bank card in Spanish:

bank card

tarjeta de crédito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbæŋk ˌkɑrd/


  • 1US

    (expedida por un banco) tarjeta de crédito feminine
  • 2British

    tarjeta bancaria feminine
    • It contained a Halifax bank card, various receipts and a plastic bag with ‘two white, small tablets with a logo on each’.
    • He said: ‘It's all well and good if you are deliberately trying to dodge fares but if you are fully intending to pay but cannot because you only have a bank card, it seems unfair to be penalised.’
    • She said: ‘I believe someone has stolen my bank card from the post office.’
    • The wallet only contained $61, a bank card and key - and with a plane to catch Mr Hepworth didn't bother reporting his loss.
    • Sheraz Ali confronted 65-year-old Brian Exley at the Jet filling station in Yeadon last January after a friend he was with had had the bank card she tried to use retained by him.
    • I lost my bank card but that was during a weekend in Whitechapel (& it was my own fault for leaving it on a toilet seat in the Rhythm Factory).
    • As a small shopkeeper some customers look at me askance when I refuse the sale of a Mars bar ‘and £50 cash back’ on their bank card.
    • I once owned a sweet little thing with a screwdriver, tweezers, a magnifying glass, ruler and saw-edge, all squeezed into the space of a bank card.
    • After snatching American citizen Zenaida Parker's handbag in Burger King, he used her bank card to buy drinks, cinema tickets and other items.
    • If someone was being offered a bank card with fewer functions, the RNIB would consider that ‘inexcusable’.
    • I got invited out - my mate Dave must have found the bank card he lost on Wednesday night - but for some reason I just didn't fancy going out.
    • A few weeks ago I accidentally snapped my bank card, so I went into a branch and ordered a new one, which I was told would be sent to me in four to five working days.
    • For your convenience, please have your bank card ready.
    • Her bank card remains unused and her phone switched off.
    • Went for a walk to the shops earlier, had some stuff to buy and was stood in the queue at the till when I realised that I'd not brought any cash or my bank card with me.
    • At the time of writing I still haven't received my new bank card.
    • He hit her repeatedly around the head and stole her bank card.
    • A pensioner had to be taken home in an ambulance after collapsing minutes after thieves stole his bank card and keys.
    • He is wanted in connection with the use of a stolen bank card.
    • The defendant told police he had taken his mother's bank card from her handbag.