Translation of bank robber in Spanish:

bank robber

asaltante de bancos, n.


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    asaltante de bancos masculine, feminine
    atracador de bancos masculine
    atracadora de bancos feminine
    • Bandits tells the story of the "Sleepover Bandits", the most successful bank robbers in the history of the United States.
    • Watching a news story about a bank robber on TV, he hatches a plan to rob a bank.
    • Fortunately, very few bank robbers have any interest in confrontations of any kind.
    • The legendary American bank robber, Willie Sutton, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1931.
    • Judging by the scale of the operation these men were not your average bank robbers.
    • See how easily he slips out from the shadows to capture those bank robbers.
    • I guess the ideas is that a bank robber without a hat will show up better on security cameras.
    • Given that bank robbers presumably don't want to be prosecuted, getting better pictures of them is a very positive benefit to society.
    • A bank robber who broke out of downtown Chicago's federal jail in an "old man" disguise has been recaptured.
    • An alleged bank robber in the United States was arrested after she posted a video on YouTube claiming to have stolen more than US $6000 at gun-point.