Translation of bankable in Spanish:


con fondos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbæŋkəbəl/ /ˈbaŋkəb(ə)l/


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    (check) con fondos
    • Faith's showbusiness career began in the 1950s in a skiffle band and he went on to become one of the music industry's most bankable stars before getting regular film, television and stage roles.
    • Magazine writers are mining the territory of their day jobs to write bankable novels that bring readers inside the worlds of music and fashion glitterati.
    • While some of these names sound very bankable, the artists claim that only 7% of PPCA registered artists receive more than $1000 a year in fees for the transmission of their music.
    • It was called Longitude and it became an international bestseller, making Dava Sobel the most bankable name in popular science writing.
    • Carl Cox has a very bankable name in dance, and for good reason.
    • I'm happy to call it by my own name, but it's not a very bankable name, really.
    • This was a time when Toronto was proudly cast as Toronto and Oliver Reed was a bankable name.
    • It's an indication, though, of the pressure to produce on such bankable authors as Smith, who dare not let their name fade from the limelight for too long.
    • Even before its sniper-related delay, the movie had been sitting on the shelf for a while, because the producers wanted to wait to release it until Farrell was a more bankable name.
    • This resulted in Carrey having to slash his asking price when starring in a more serious picture since his name wasn't as bankable headlining a drama.
    • Of all the slasher franchises, none has a more bankable name than Halloween - not even Friday the 13 th.
    • McEwan, one of the most bankable names in contemporary world literature, never goes in for the obvious or predictable narrative.
    • As one of the most bankable entertainers and commentators in tabloid newspapers or television, he symbolises either dumbing down of national life, or a celebration of the average Scot.
    • Such an advanced PURA can be sustained only as a bankable, profit-making business venture.
    • The movie - featuring bankable stars Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Holly Hunter and Glenn Close - will now get its premiere on pay-per - view cable channel Showtime next year.
    • Cruise, one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, would get to keep the couple's $10.5 million estate in Telluride, Colorado, as well as his three planes.
    • The poll prompted a concerted defense by Cruise's supporters, who insisted the actor's popularity and standing as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars was undiminished.
    • Dee Bahl, of Glasgow-based music agents 1554 Management, whose clients include up and coming Glasgow band Biffy Clyro, said she was set to become a highly bankable star.
    • Her pale complexion and striking eyes, inherited from her beloved Scottish father, have made Kathaleeya McIntosh one of Thailand's most beautiful and bankable stars.
    • The temptation arises partly, of course, because commercial rock music is still scandalously short of bankable female stars, and we thus have only a handful of comparisons to conjure with.
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    (star/name) taquillero