Translation of banter in Spanish:


bromas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbæn(t)ər/ /ˈbantə/


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    bromas feminine
    there was some banter about his accent estuvieron bromeando / haciendo bromas sobre su acento
    • The verbal sparring and playful banter with her is really starting to ratchet up some interesting tension.
    • After spending time in friendly, confidence-winning banter, Dave made it clear he had more on his mind.
    • I missed my Dad a lot in the Philippines, especially our playful banter.
    • At first, their banter is friendly, until Heston realizes Moore is not on his side.
    • With McEwan in full flow, Watson sticks his head round the door and instigates some friendly banter.
    • I watched him play Federer and it was a light-hearted affair with plenty of friendly banter.
    • Their playful banter was interrupted when Louis walked into the room.
    • The friendly banter shows Hayes has succeeded in creating a dynamic corporate climate.
    • They continued their playful banter for a while and then were silent for a long time.
    • It was 20 minutes into the game when any prospect of good-natured banter disappeared.
    • So the good natured banter and dressing room style bonhomie had been shattered by a traitor in our midst.
    • Pupils often emphasised that teasing was not seen as harmful, but as a part of everyday banter, often between friends.
    • He was a very cheerful character and liked nothing more than to have a bit of banter with his friends.
    • Jokes and banter are exchanged and students are encouraged to loosen up.
    • Initially he was brought in to exchange bar room banter in Cheers.
    • As well as exchanging witty banter with Candyman Baker, David knows how to save money on clothes, eating out and pet food.
    • She watched as Ludmilla exchanged banter with the outcaste veteran.
    • Constant exchanges of intelligent banter and a pretty unsettling appearance hold the atmosphere to a sharp edge.
    • For a barrel of laughs, go and see this likeable duo as they entertain and exchange banter across a farm fence.
    • The long looks and teasing banter was a thin barrier of what really lay between them.

intransitive verb

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    hacer bromas