Translation of bap in Spanish:


panecito, n.

Pronunciation /bæp/ /bap/


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    panecito masculine Latin America
    panecillo masculine Spain
    pancito masculine Southern Cone
    • At this time of year, I always start by grabbing a mulled apple juice from Days Cottage and a bacon bap from Adey's organic farm, which is just down the road at Berkeley.
    • In truth, the focaccia was more of a Scottish bap than an olive-oily, herby bread, but it did the job of holding the filling.
    • Two slices of toast with jam, marmalade or Marmite, a bap containing three items from bacon, egg, sausage and tomato cost £3.50.
    • I selected a bacon bap, which with a pot of coffee cost £4.75.
    • Ann selected a breakfast bap with chips, and a pecan plait.
    • If you are really like me, those words will mean some-thing; they will mean you now have a craving for a slab of Kendal mint cake and a ham bap.
    • These lunches are well known for being far from austere, since a wide variety of home-made soup is served, with a bap and cheese.
    • Half-time came, and while the team were sucking oranges or mandarins we had a breakfast bap.
    • The bap was delivered to our table with the bacon still sizzling from the pan.
    • That's French fries in a buttered bread bap for those who don't know.
    • Assemble the burgers by spreading the bap bases with mayonnaise, then topping with two slices of aubergine and some sunblush tomatoes.
    • This was a brown open bap with tuna and toasted cheese.
    • However it was welcome as were the four slices of bap and butter.
    • He just orders a corned beef salad and mayonnaise bap and has a pie while he's waiting.
    • Under the stewardship of head chef and co-proprietor Joe Shannon, The Dooney delivers a great lunch package, ranging from a full meal to a sandwich, salad or bap.
    • I eat it inside white bread baps with blackberry or raspberry jam.
    • Market growth is being fuelled by hand-held snacks, including wedges, baps, baguettes, rolls, pasta salads and dippers.
    • Spread two soft baps or crusty rolls, split and toasted, with the mayonnaise and then pile on the chicken, mushrooms and leaves.
    • After a few months I might expand to toasting bagels, baps, teacakes and crumpets.
    • Up until recently, the GAA graciously laid on complimentary rolls, baps, sandwiches, cakes, buns and biscuits, along with hot and cold drinks for all working press staff.