Translation of baptismal name in Spanish:

baptismal name

nombre de pila, n.

Pronunciation /bæpˈtɪzməl ˌneɪm/ /bæbˈtɪzməl ˌneɪm/


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    nombre de pila masculine
    • Hence, there must be some other personal proper name that backs up the baptismal name of the Trinity.
    • Taken together, these two points amply justify the important place that the ecumenical church has accorded the baptismal name in its liturgical practice and dogmatic traditions.
    • His baptismal name was John, but he took the name Robert when he became king.
    • The next year she entered the Church of England, taking the baptismal name Rebecca, and married John Rolfe, one of her tutors.
    • We are all addressed by our baptismal names by the risen Lord and invited, like Mary Magdalene, into a relationship with God our Mother and Father, into a relationship with Christ's God and our God.
    • The former Groton resident was baptized as Lydia Madeleine, retaining her original baptismal name.
    • Many others derive from baptismal names, e.g., Jakubau, Haponau, Kazimirau, or such diminutives as Jakubionak and Hapanionak.
    • With 80 years gone since Larkin's subject (then trading under his baptismal name of Eric Blair) was at large in the area, the scent has gone somewhat cold.
    • Living on the fringes of Melbourne bohemia, he absorbed a love of French literature and exchanged his baptismal name, John Feltham, for the more exotic Jules François.
    • In the presence of the household he strikes the forehead of the dead pope three times with a silver mallet, calling him by his baptismal name.
    • His baptismal name was James Daley - Victor was a later invention.
    • Guthrum's coins bore his English baptismal name, while other coins minted in East Anglia were copies of the coins of Alfred of Wessex.
    • The chamberlain, or camerlengo, then calls out to the pope three times by his baptismal name.
    • Parents, seizing the wrong end of the stick, at once saw Eric as the ideal baptismal name, to the ultimate dismay of its recipients.
    • He didn't like his baptismal name, Gideon, so at the age of 14 he had it legally changed to plain George.
    • His baptismal name was Eugenio - in gratitude for the help the Pope gave to Jews during the war.
    • The priest uses the child's baptismal name for the first time and asks God to cleanse away sin.