Translation of bar chart in Spanish:

bar chart

gráfico de barras, n.


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    gráfico de barras masculine
    • The Importance Value Chart is a bar graph with each bar representing a specific system, subsystem, or component's contribution to the overall probability of an undesirable event.
    • The rates of transmission of the dominant markers from one generation to the next are illustrated in the bar graph and shown numerically below.
    • Each bar graph represents the average from three independent cultures; error bars indicate the standard deviation.
    • A bar graph representing number or percentage of right-hand throws would show a vast difference between the two groups.
    • This concept is represented in a bar graph pictured in the students' workbooks.
    • As with the bar chart, the bars represent the relative size of each of the age bands.
    • In other news, I spent much of yesterday working on a bar graph representing two categories of convicts: Imprisoned and Imprisoned and Flogged.
    • The bar chart shows the number of deaths by different causes in the UK in 1998.
    • An exemplary representation is a bar graph having the temperature of one thermal sensor at one end and the temperature of another thermal sensor at the other end.
    • These are combined and shown both in actual numbers and as ratios in the bar graph.
    • If we rotate Figure 1 over time, it becomes the familiar bar chart, with each bar representing the range of prices for the specified period.
    • White lines divided the monitor screen into quarters and a vertical bar chart appeared in each section.
    • Indeed, an accompanying bar graph illustrated what many of us have suspected all along.
    • Both bull power and bear power are plotted as histograms under the bar chart of your chosen security.
    • Though he only had a few data points, he invented a curve, when only a bar graph could be used to represent such data.
    • Yes, the numbers are the same, but it's much clearer in the bar graph that the left-hand bar represents less than twice as much as the right-hand one!
    • Below the numerical values for each example are bar graph representations of the data.
    • The number of counts and measurements for any character usually exceeded 30, and the frequency bar graph associated with this sample number always produced a normal curve.
    • High-speed computers convert imagery into a bar graph that charts the pixels, dots of pure black to pure white and all of the grays.
    • The layout is confusing and they should have just used a bar chart, but my reading of this graph is that hardly anyone responded in the 0-4 range.