Translation of bar girl in Spanish:

bar girl

mesera (de barra), n.


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    mesera (de barra) feminine Latin America
    camarera (de barra) feminine Spain
    • In other words, I was a bar girl, there to party and work the system.
    • The spectacular set and props include a real helicopter and an 18-foot statue for the Ho Chi Minh scenes as part of the story of a US soldier who falls in love with a Vietnamese bar girl.
    • Anne Meyers was the favorite bar girl of the Lamb & Flag pub.
    • ‘We haven't got any strawberries, unfortunately,’ the bar girl replied.
    • Expect leather armchairs, log fires, ambient music and a sexier-than-thou bar girl serving anything from absinthe to whiskey.
    • Satake, however, has his own reasons for keeping his libido on ice despite his complicated feelings for the Shanghai bar girl Yamamoto he himself had been pursuing.
    • Hawa the bar girl, speaking of village life, told her interviewer that if she had been treated by her father like the half-sister whom he tortured, she would have poisoned him.
    • We lost our last bar girl a couple of weeks ago, and since you have no male, you'd make a wonderful replacement…
    • Suzie Wong, the bar girl created by British writer Richard Mason, was a symbol of Hong Kong, a meeting point of Oriental and Western cultures.
    • I spent three years as a bar girl servicing American sailors in the Philippines after I was rejected as editor of Vogue, two weeks after I left university.
    • Sahara has an episodic series called ‘Kadam’ on Fridays which did a story on a Mumbai bar girl the other night.
    • I tell the bar girl to fetch him the good stuff from the small casks, not the maroon vinegar we serve the churls, then sit next to him.
    • Here's the street where I saw the bar girl come whirring up on her Vespa, and her eyes got wide when she recognized me.
    • But after falling out with Roger, she drifts on her own initiative into life as a bar girl.
    • She plays a bar girl whose bustiers keep getting tinier, and someone who keeps Salman able company in more ways than one.
    • Lucy, our head bar girl left tonight and everyone else went on to a club afterwards with her to say goodbye.
    • Typically, a soldier would go to one of Phenix City's bars and be greeted by a friendly bar girl.
    • A successful bar girl can earn far more than a teacher, nurse or civil servant.
    • The Good Woman of Bangkok, his 1991 documentary about his relationship with a Thai bar girl, is almost certainly the most written about Australian documentary of recent years.