Translation of bar mitzvah in Spanish:

bar mitzvah

bar mitzvah, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbɑr ˈmɪtsvə/ /bɑː ˈmɪtsvə/


(Bar Mitzvah)
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    bar mitzvah masculine
    • A bat mitzvah, the female equivalent of a bar mitzvah, is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for girls aged 12 and over.
    • We have the same thing for various other institutions like a bar mitzvah, which celebrates Jewish adulthood at 13, but for the state it is 18.
    • The Jewish bar mitzvah, for example, celebrates a boy's entry into adolescence, and most of tribal Africa holds puberty rituals which may include dance, music, or seclusion.
    • As I learned the rituals for the bar mitzvah, my father, a cantor, began to create the service…
    • My husband and I recently returned from Israel, where we spent a Shabbat celebrating the bar mitzvah of our cousin.
    • It was not in Israel, for one, as my bar mitzvah was, at the Wailing Wall in 1968.
    • Her father, Bertie Camberg, was Jewish and Muriel happily gave Robin #50 towards his bar mitzvah in 1951.
    • I believe today, when people hear ‘YMCA’ every weekend at a bar mitzvah or a wedding or when people hear ‘Macho Man’ when they're working out at the gym, they smile.
    • Jesus returns to the temple at an age that corresponds closely to that required for the rite of passage for Jewish boys known as the bar mitzvah.
    • Doctors gave him little chance of making it to his bar mitzvah.
    • My nephew and I will not share the same holidays and he will not have a bar mitzvah for me to attend.
    • In fact, in his case, it happened in full sight of a large crowd on the stage of a synagogue during his bar mitzvah ceremony.
    • When I look at the family portraits that were the inevitable last course at every wedding and bar mitzvah, she sparkled.
    • Boys aren't allowed to wear tefillin until after their bar mitzvah; women can choose to wear them but rarely do.
    • But remember your bar mitzvah speech where you said you wanted to follow in the steps of Jewish thinkers like Moses Maimonides and Karl Marx?
    • Incidentally we were totally secular; I never went inside a synagogue until a cousin had a bar mitzvah at thirteen.
    • The only connection we have is that your bar mitzvah was the day I was born… but other than that, I don't think it's going to work.