Translation of barbecue in Spanish:


barbacoa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑrbəˌkju/ /ˈbɑːbɪkjuː/


  • 1

    (grid and fireplace)
    barbacoa feminine
    parrilla feminine
    asador masculine Latin America
    • Consider cooking on an outside barbecue grill or use a microwave oven, which does not generate as much heat and uses less energy than a gas or electric range.
    • Complement your healthy summer lifestyle with fresh food cooked on the barbecue.
    • The women all cook together on dow tarns - wood fire barbecues out the back.
    • Of course, all the meals are eaten outside, cooked on the barbecue.
    • Brush the langoustine with a little extra olive oil and grill on the barbecue until cooked.
    • They also cooked their own evening meals on barbecues.
    • Your guide cooks up evening meals on the barbecue or gas-powered range, while you can contemplate the sun setting somewhere out east of Timor.
    • It's good for steaming and roasting and can be grilled or cooked on the barbecue - but watch out, as it tends to stick.
    • Members on one picket line set up a barbecue to cook breakfast.
    • Mr Kelly asked that everyone coming on the day to bring their own food, which can be cooked on a giant barbecue.
    • ‘While we want people to enjoy themselves in the National Park, they should avoid lighting barbecues and fires on the open moorland,’ he said.
    • Although the counter also contains a gas-burning barbecue, the Elledges cook on the grill, with wood or charcoal as fuel, most of the time.
    • The ribs can be cooked on a medium-heat barbecue for about 20 minutes, but it is easier to control the temperature in an oven to avoid burning.
    • This keeps them firm so they cook evenly on the barbecue.
    • I've cooked on some very nice barbecues and I've cooked on grills that are basically old toilet bowls or tanks with some metal wire draped across the openings.
    • Time to turn on the barbecue and get things cooking.
    • There's nothing that can't be cooked on a barbecue and usually there's nothing that isn't.
    • Leave to marinate for a couple of hours, then cook on a hot barbecue for about five minutes on each side.
    • And since he had just saved her from Billy's annual torture of meat at the barbecue, he was obviously nice and a gentleman.
    • Salmon is delicious when cooked on a barbecue; it forms a delicious, caramelised crust and if cooked properly it will stay moist and succulent inside.
  • 2

    (food cooked on grid)
    parrillada feminine
    • Throughout the weekend, club members and their families came by to eat barbecue and many side dishes.
    • We would be eating pizza or barbecue food, not spaghetti by candlelight.
    • Wade, is it true that you had eaten barbecue, were throwing up over people, had a broken arm, and it was gushing blood, all while you were playing?
    • As a preventative measure, don't drink anything carbonated while you eat Korean barbecue.
    • I ate burritos in New Mexico, barbecue in Memphis and a steak the size of a hubcap in Minneapolis.
    • Roses or blush wines that border on the sweet side also pair well with informal food such as barbecue.
    • It may be all-you-can eat, but this isn't your father's barbecue, fellow peers.
    • The food is quite good - Mexican, barbecue, chili, shrimp and chicken-fried steak, an acquired taste.
    • On the northwest corner is pulled lamb shoulder reminiscent of barbecue accompanied by thin rings of pickled red onion.
    • What could be better than barbecue, beer and football?
    • In New York, demand for great barbecue tends to outstrip supply.
    • But, with beautiful weather, lots of sleep, strawberries, ice cream and barbecue - what more can you really ask for?
    • Trust me, to a pig, the smell of barbecue isn't exactly romantic.
    • The Carolinas can rightfully claim to be the cradle of American barbecue and Texas is by far the brisket capital of the world.
    • The white bread was still pristine and soft, fresh but somehow infused with the heady scent of barbecue.
    • There's a fun tour of a lollipop factory and tips on making good barbecue.
    • Kentucky substitutes mutton for pork and in Texas, barbecue is all about beef.
    • We fed everyone loads of barbecue and cake, no big deal.
    • Further attractions are Latina, for Brazilian barbecue, and the Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant.
    • In the evening festivities got under way with a barbecue, fish and chip supper and skittles match at the Rose and Crown pub on Lower High Street.
  • 3

    (social occasion)
    barbacoa feminine
    parrillada feminine
    asado masculine Latin America
    • On my last day in Australia, my parents cooked me a barbecue in their backyard barbecue area.
    • At a barbecue food is cooked on a rusty grill which birds have probably used as a toilet on a daily basis since last summer.
    • There are less formal meals, picnics and barbecues and the forthcoming brunch is one of these occasions.
    • Fundraising meals, picnics and barbecues are great ways of inviting whole communities into Respect.
    • Now that fish is the new meat at the best barbecues in town, the curly question is what to serve with it.
    • For barbecues, only start cooking when the charcoals are glowing red with a layer of grey ash.
    • Neighborhoods are putting on open, outdoor barbecues and pancake breakfasts, complete with music and face painting.
    • This colorful dish takes about 15 minutes to cook and is great for dinner parties, summer barbecues or even a family meal.
    • You may as well gorge out my eyes with burning sabers of methane gas and ceremoniously sacrifice my body over an open barbecue pit in the name of good taste.
    • Mr Greendale's wife, Kathryn, said her husband had cooked for a family barbecue last Friday, and had later gone to sleep on a rug at the back of the house in Cavill Place.
    • The crews cooked up a free barbecue after all the work was done.
    • I think I forgot to mention that Saturday my family was supposed to have a little gathering around a barbecue pit.
    • Everyone has the opportunity to invite neighbours over for coffee, a meal, or a barbecue.
    • The barbecue area is actually a fully equipped kitchen with sink, refrigerators, and electrical outlets.
    • It would be great for starting a charcoal fire for a barbecue, though.
    • Here there is another picnic and camping area with toilets and a barbecue area.
    • ‘I'm my own event planner,’ Hargreaves says of his regular Sunday football gatherings, barbecues and pool parties.
    • The main purpose of the garden would be for open air parties and barbecues.
    • In addition, high-speed lifts service all floors of the development and the grounds will be landscaped to include a barbecue area as well as a putting green for golfers.
    • Another helps tame a sloping site by dividing it into usable stairstepping levels, complete with built-in planters and a barbecue area.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cook on grid)
    asar a la parrilla
    asar a la brasa
    • While Stephen and Louis sat down on the sand drinking beer and talking, Jessica and Cecilia took turns in barbecuing the yummy food.
    • Dad barbecued some steaks, and Mom made potato salad and corn on the cob.
    • But when a group of golfers strode across the course at Skipton, the last thing they expected to see was a party of Iraqis barbecuing their burgers just beyond the second green.
    • Then spend the afternoon barbecuing steaks and sausages while catching up with friends and family.
    • Nobody knows more about barbecuing meat than the Argentinians.
    • Once the coals are covered in a fur of white ash, start by barbecuing a few vegetables.
    • In this dish, boneless chicken, after being barbecued, is cooked with spices giving the chicken a fragrant taste.
    • This Georgian-influenced recipe can be barbecued or grilled, but the meat must be marinated overnight.
    • The flesh is firm and sweet, lending itself to grilling and barbecuing, and to fish stews such as this.
    • Thick, succulent tuna steaks are first marinated in a simple dressing, and then barbecued until just cooked.
    • I once barbecued a whole fillet of beef marinaded in a bottle of Jack Daniel's and enclosed in tinfoil.
    • On the veranda, a chef in gaucho clothing was barbecuing a variety of Argentine meats.
    • For the first few steaks I barbecued this season, I used the prepackaged marinades.
    • Winthrop drifted by, fatigued from barbecuing supper.
    • I was looking forward to barbecuing this summer, but now I hear it's not a safe way to cook meat.
    • I had a dream about barbecuing a yak as some sort of retribution.
    • At rural banquets, entire cows are barbecued slowly with their hides.
    • Peppers and tomatoes can be barbecued on the skewers between meat pieces.
    • Freshly caught octopus hang out to dry on a washing line before being barbecued.