Translation of barbed in Spanish:


mordaz, adj.

Pronunciation /bɑrbd/ /bɑːbd/


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    • Their half-hearted shower of arrows thickened and turned the air black with sharp, barbed, and vile arrows.
    • My words seemed to fasten like barbed arrows in the souls of men.
    • Arrows and barbed harpoons were placed near the right leg; milling stones, awls, chisels, knives, and other offerings were set to the left of the body.
    • Talon's next words were similarly cut short when a wickedly barbed, green-feathered arrow hissed in through the doorway.
    • He tapped the button on the arrow and the barbed head started spinning.
    • This is, stripped bare, a classic romantic comedy, given a barbed edge by the precociously talented Anderson, whose presence lends the film its refreshingly unique style.
    • She hid her face for a second with the fan, licking the barbed edges of the pins that gave it its shape then bent down close to his face, giving him full leeway to her mouth.
    • They vary up the torture tactics via new school hardcore, the furious primal bombast of thrash metal and every barbed edge in-between.
    • Other types of arrow head found include barbed fishing arrows and crescent shaped small game arrows 5.
    • A convex polygon with a triangle attached to one of its edges in this way is called a barbed polygon.
    • Tremolite's long fibers are barbed like fishhooks.
    • New pastures full of scarecrows and glistening barbed razor wire and crisscrossing pipelines pumping petrodollars into the pockets of imperium.
    • Corrected to reflect that the correct sadistic flesh gouging implement of the period was not barbed wire, but barbed whips.
    • Whether the stick was barbed I don't know, but you can't help but wonder if the beast is responding to the memory of a hooked pole.
    • They were not kept behind barbed or electric wire fences.
    • He and his friends are very aware of the barbed fenced border, the border security personnel and the consequences of crossing it.