Translation of barbershop in Spanish:


peluquería, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑrbərˌʃɑp/ /ˈbɑːbəʃɒp/


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    peluquería feminine
    barbería feminine dated
    • Beauty salons and barbershops entice potential customers with colorful portraits of well-coifed heads that look more like art pieces than hairstyles.
    • Sell your music at flea markets, barbershops, beauty salons, birthday parties, car washes, and any place you think people will buy it.
    • These intervention programs make use of lay leadership in churches, schools, beauty salons, barbershops, tattoo and body piercing salons, and laundromats.
    • I live in the suburbs surrounded by salons and barbershops.
    • In addition to the established barbershops, some enterprising individuals, armed with just shears and comb, offered haircutting services out of their homes.
    • Also underplayed by the media, but probably a hot topic in black barbershops, was another Census report last week.
    • They were talking about it in the barbershops and on the corners.
    • When Mark Brown wrote the script, these were conversations he'd heard in barbershops before.
    • In both fallen cities, people lined up at barbershops to shave their once-mandatory beards.
    • So barbershops and the number of barbers necessary for a given number of troops became a part of the camp support equation.
    • There were ballrooms, three dining rooms, a social hall, beauty and barbershops, four bars, a Grand Salon and other entertainment salons.
    • Bookmaking and policy syndicates were often backed by Irish Americans in saloons, barbershops, and other neighborhood outlets, so that syndicate backers became important local political figures.
    • I like old fashioned barbershops - currently I go to one that hasn't changed since the 40's (including the barbers) and is located opposite the Bank of America on Pine St. in San Francisco.
    • However, we have actually served a more diverse ethnic group patronizing these barbershops, including men of African, West Indian, Bahamian, Haitian, and Jamaican heritages.
    • Monthly quality assurance inspections and assessments were made of dining facilities, water-production sites, ice plants, detention cells, barbershops, and base camps.
    • As a result, black businesses were typically small service sector activities such as dressmaking, poolrooms, grocery stores, restaurants and barbershops.
    • Community-focused businesses like barbershops and post offices are scattered throughout the ground floors of various buildings as well, to encourage mingling.
    • He has previously located and recorded the remarkable details of the vernacular: truck-stop pool tables, barbershops and an entire nation of baseball parks.
    • From the barbershops to newsrooms to college classrooms, the issue of Black prominence in sports and social activism gets aired frequently, according to observers.
    • I have been carrying these photos around to various barbershops in San Francisco and saying, ‘Give me this haircut,’ and getting disastrous results.