Translation of barcode in Spanish:


código de barras, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑrˌkoʊd/ /bɑːˈkəʊd/


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    código de barras masculine
    • Some microwaves are being designed to read a bar code that will be printed on the side of the package and cook it automatically.
    • He took a photograph of Craig then airbrushed out his pacemaker scar and printed a bar code onto his chest.
    • The bar code will be printed on the reverse side of the ballot paper on the declaration of identity.
    • Back now to preconditions: could the bar code itself - the Universal Product Code - be one of these?
    • In another, an abstracted cutaway view of the landscape devolves into a pattern that suggests a bar code.
    • The assistant flashed the machine across the bar code on the labels and declined on the grounds that the clothes had been bought six years previously.
    • We could all have a microchip implanted into our bodies with its own unique code, rather like the bar code on the side of a can of beans on a supermarket shelf.
    • To enter, you must scan the ticket bar code across a sterile machine while a human quality assures the process.
    • The real culprit that was slowing the line was a bar code scanner that was incorrectly hooked up… sort of.
    • Tristan looked at the number printed across her wrist. 54189… A bar code, a number, not a life.
    • Each tag carries the serial number, model and an undisclosed ‘option’ code as a backup for the bar code.
    • Exposing the gel to photographic film would give me a pattern of dark bands like a bar code, showing the positions of the radioactively labelled fragments.
    • The caller will receive a bar code on his mobile, which can be exchanged for the ticket at any Spice Telecom outlet, the venue or at the above-mentioned outlets.
    • And every one of those files now has a bar code so that it can be tracked not only in the file center, but when it needs to be in an adjudicator's hands to decide.
    • On DVDs, there will be a bar code to alert you that things are for sale.
    • From a distance its 23 km long rampart of hotels, apartments and resorts shimmers on the shore of Nichupte Lagoon like a massive bar code.
    • After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the ‘Divider’ looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it.
    • I wonder if there will come a time when we will all have a bar code stenciled somewhere on our bodies that will be scanned for all of Big Brother's needs.
    • In 1974 a packet of chewing gum was the first recorded purchase using a bar code.
    • The new passes had a bar code, which had to be scanned.

transitive verb

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    poner código de barras a