Translation of bard in Spanish:


bardo, n.

Pronunciation /bɑrd/ /bɑːd/


  • 1literary

    bardo masculine literary
    vate masculine literary
    the Bard Shakespeare
    • On a dozen axes of values, then, there is a deep congruity, much of it reflecting the influence of the archaic epic bard on the nineteenth-century novelist.
    • These two kinds of periodicity may coincide, as in carefully end-stopped lines, or in the formulae chosen over centuries by the bards of oral traditions.
    • From 1808 to 1834 Moore continued to add to his Irish Melodies, which established him as the national bard of Ireland.
    • Even two centuries ago, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing scoffed that the bard was perhaps more praised than perused.
    • In the past, Karakalpak bards (performing poets) roamed from village to village, reciting stories and verses.
  • 2

    (Celtic minstrel)
    bardo masculine