Translation of barefaced in Spanish:


descarado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrˌfeɪst/ /bɛːˈfeɪst/


  • 1

    (liar/lie) descarado
    • As for the glowing testimonials, John says they are ‘almost certainly barefaced lies or they are leaving out pertinent facts like they committed fraud to do the deals.’
    • Mornings were a time of barefaced lies and outrageous excuses.
    • We make things too easy for ourselves if we regard such a statement as a barefaced lie.
    • This is so obvious and so barefaced and it is the chief irritation of the book.
    • This is an unashamed, barefaced tax grab on the motorists of New Zealand.
    • Instead, the reconstruction racket has been characterised by infrastructure repair that never happens, overpricing for construction and barefaced fraud.
    • This company has demanded that taxpayers pay for its barefaced attack on its own employees.
    • This is one of the most barefaced and dishonest pieces of government trickery in living memory,’ he said.
    • Their demand for pensions deserves, said the national paper, ‘this week's, perhaps this year's, award for barefaced cheek’.
    • I am against terrorism in all its forms, but when a government is so barefaced in its terror of innocent civilians it sickens those who want peace to the pit of our stomachs!
    • But that doesn't explain Howard's continued refusal to do so or his barefaced and misleading claim that the convention doesn't require it.
    • Because he needs a good spanking, on the basis of barefaced cheek.
    • When it comes to barefaced cheek, this thief certainly crossed the thin blue line yesterday.
    • When exposed as barefaced liars, they sit back and sneer, as if to say, ‘We lied.’
    • The cynicism and barefaced slanders employed in this campaign demonstrate the methods employed by the Bush administration and the extreme right in every sphere of political life.
    • After all, Damian had been beating around the bush for a good while - the barefaced statement of his affection, however, was just surprising.
    • His premise was as brilliant as it was barefaced.
    • But those who understand this issue will recognise that this measure is nothing more than a barefaced attempt at buying votes into the future.
    • I guess earlier experts, never thinking their specialty could be tainted with such a barefaced deception, never looked.
    • Receive payment with utter disgust at the barefaced greed of today's consumerist society.