Translation of barefoot in Spanish:


descalzo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrfʊt/ /ˈbɛəfʊt/


  • 1

    con los pies desnudos literary


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    he/she ran barefoot corrió descalzo/descalza
    • One customer of Peter Jones told him that she could only get relief from pains in her feet by walking barefoot on a beach.
    • Her hands and mouth were bound by heavy duty tape and she was barefoot, wearing only shorts and a vest.
    • The guys were still soundly sleeping when I crept out of my room in pajamas and with barefooted feet and headed upstairs to work on my hopefully perfect plan.
    • Their feet were barefoot; Jude let his hang over the edge while Josie sat cross-legged.
    • Pushing the plate away from his foot, he padded barefoot up to Ronnie's bathroom.
    • We were both barefoot, my feet buried in the sand as a slight breeze came up from the water.
    • Some of his hair was also burnt and his feet were swollen, the after effects of his barefooted trot out of the forest.
    • A strange barefooted slide across the floor is required and my feet keep sticking.
    • This leads to calf muscles contracting, making it very difficult to stand with your feet flat, even when barefoot.
    • I kicked them off and carried them, running barefooted down the road, not even noticing when my feet began to bleed from the rough road scraping them.
    • I slid my boots off of my now callused feet, how many times had I trained barefooted in that sandy arena with Master Lin!
    • The most curious thing about these three girls were that they were all wearing pants, and were barefooted.
    • In the second bowl is water for the guest to wash his or her feet; a reminder that in India people walked barefoot.
    • Care needs to be taken to avoid walking barefoot because of the serious risk of burns to the foot.
    • To show their enthusiasm for the corporate team, the employees were asked to engage in the ritual of fire-walking - literally to walk barefooted across a bed of white-hot coals.
    • Then next-door neighbour Mark Stringfellow, 32, went on the roof barefooted and pulled Paul, 15, out of the converted loft, leading him across to the safety of his own home.
    • It's also amply clear that most hospital staff would rather do without this invasion of ill-clad, barefooted, malnourished, baby-clutching mothers.
    • While I'll normally take the opportunity to kick sand in the face of any barefooted protester blocking my way into the supermarket, I have to admit that Busby commands my respect.
    • The blast at the Sunubar Hotel sent frightened guests of the three-storey hotel running into the street, some barefooted, others with bloodstains on their clothes.
    • I'm in my running shorts and my T-shirt, and I'm barefooted.