Translation of bargain in Spanish:


ganga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑrɡən/ /ˈbɑːɡɪn/


  • 1

    (cheap purchase)
    ganga feminine
    pichincha feminine River Plate informal
    (price) (before noun) de ganga
    (price) (before noun) de oferta
    (counter/rail) de ofertas
    (counter/rail) de oportunidades
    bargain buy ganga
    • bargain flights to Australia vuelos a Australia a precios imbatibles
    • The sale offers bargains and discounts of up to 70 per cent on everything from fashion to food and electronics to jewellery.
    • And whatever else January may bring with it, it also offers new beginnings and bargains at the sales.
    • What can be wrong with this, especially when they're offering a bargain price on the bundle?
    • As if that were not treat enough, these re-issues are offered at a bargain price too.
    • She found it on sale at a bargain price, and intending to do you a favor, she bought a bottle and brought it by at a time you are usually home.
    • Mighty Wal-Mart decided not to offer real bargains in the early days of the Christmas shopping season, and found that customers were snubbing its stores - well, sort of.
    • And, sure enough, with a slight adjustment in our colour choices, we were able to pick up all the paint we'll need to finish the job at a real bargain price.
    • Sale prices and bargain bins are being used to entice you to get out and spend again.
    • The food was good and correctly cooked - and at the price, a real bargain!
    • Many garden centres are having their end-of-season sales and offering some great bargains.
    • Places like HMV and EB offer constant bargains and offers, as well as sales that can totally eclipse a small independent retailers.
    • For the most of us, we can't resist a bargain, let it be from saving a fiver to a £100-it's great to know we've got the bargain buy of the sales.
    • The gigantic bargain book sale continues in Castledermot Library, to make way for the stock of new books.
    • Yet this latest Naxos set is more than just a bargain alternative, offering a powerfully enjoyable experience, made the more involving by the tensions of a live staging.
    • Jan Maher, librarian, would like you to know that she is having a gigantic bargain book sale, to make way for her very large stock of new books.
    • Back to Rome again for the bargain sales, Vienna the same, and a few days in Budapest before returning home to Tokyo.
    • There is keen demand and it is regarded as a bargain offer for a modest 18.
    • First, early deals, limited offers and last-minute bargains are vital, time-critical products and should be intensively promoted.
    • For those with Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets who want to snap up bargains in the sales, York Trading Standards offers some advice before heading off to the stores.
    • The sale is a great chance to pick up a bargain as nothing is priced over $4.
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    • 2.1(deal, agreement)

      trato masculine
      acuerdo masculine
      it's a bargain! ¡trato hecho!
      • have you forgotten our bargain? ¿ya te has olvidado de nuestro trato?
      • to make a bargain with sb hacer un trato / pacto con algn
      • if the negotiators don't strike a bargain soon … si los negociadores no llegan pronto a un acuerdo …

    • 2.2(on the stock exchange)

      operación feminine

intransitive verb

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    (over price/item) regatear
    to bargain (with sb) (over sth) regatear (con algn) (por algo)
    • Consequently, service fees get bargained down in contract negotiations.
    • Springlike weather prevailed as vendors and buyers bartered and bargained.
    • Increased union membership in the mid-twentieth century clearly helped, as workers bargained and lobbied for improved working conditions.
    • He bargained; a child bartering his bedtime up just a little bit longer.
    • Louisa returned to the Easy Gold late in the evening, having bargained out a deal with Captain Hill.
    • The Mirror's James Hardy asks why the trade unions should accept regional pay bargaining?
    • Applause rang out in the room where ministers had bargained throughout the night as the deal was struck.
    • He bargained to stay on until the new Securities Act is passed.
    • Unlike in the case of established shops, these hawkers give them an option for bargaining too.
    • Every hour, through the chattering and bargaining, we would hear a single, ominous drumbeat.
    • In doing so, they knew that hard bargaining and unpleasant compromise might be necessary.
    • So Rawls thought we should imagine ourselves to have bargained from behind a ‘veil of ignorance’, which prevented us knowing our actual social position, gender, talents and so on.
    • The administration seems to have bargained pretty effectively so far, and it doesn't appear that the resolution will significantly compromise the effort to bring stability to Iraq.
    • In his letter, Witt said the physicians felt they were ‘dealt a pack of lies’ and that the government had bargained in ‘bad faith.’
    • Joseph bargained with his tantrum-throwing patient: ‘If you allow me to treat you, I will give you my hair’.
    • So I bargained at a shop that offered the best deal.
    • He bought a sausage for 70p, but bargained, wanting to pay 50p instead.
    • Martyn stood there astonished, confessing that he was seeing a side of me he'd not seen before as I cajoled, bartered and bargained with people over prices.
    • This is a victory for the entire pro-Union community, who refused to be bombed, blackmailed or bargained out of their beliefs.
    • Afterwards we picnicked under the shade of an acacia tree and bargained with a group of smiths who patiently wait for a little passing business.
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    they were not prepared to bargain with the terrorists for the hostages' future no estaban dispuestos a entrar en negociaciones con los terroristas sobre el futuro de los rehenes