Translation of bargain basement in Spanish:

bargain basement

sección de ofertas, n.


  • 1

    sección de ofertas feminine
    sección de oportunidades feminine
    bargain-basement prices precios de oferta / de ocasión
    • The property was seized, sold at a bargain-basement price to a government minister, and then quickly resold for a substantial profit.
    • Nestled between a chip shop and a bargain basement store on North Street are Magic Mon.
    • Lasser's Wall Street capitalism is at once the upper gallery of material prosperity and also the bargain basement for selling one's soul.
    • In reality, the speakers are of a bargain-basement variety, all done up in their Sunday best.
    • The last thing Bradford needs is a bargain-basement store in such prestigious premises.
    • The Celtic manager should know within the next four weeks whether he will be purchasing from Europe's most exclusive boutiques or its bargain basement outlets come the summertime.
    • The old Swift was sold on a straightforward bargain basement basis - yes, it was crude, but it was cheap.
    • In my hunting and searching around Boston I found a bargain basement type of store called Wilkinson's.
    • This is a bargain basement price, but it gives the company plenty of opportunity for upselling - new kit, new cards, new software all in the name of better network security.
    • The difficulty is that such a gallery would buy for top prices and sell at bargain-basement ones, for in the end quality wins out and the market inevitably follows.
    • The dissident shareholders say that Corel's board is selling at bargain basement prices at the bottom of the market.
    • A former park ranger could make almost £300,000 profit on a house he bought from the council at a bargain-basement price.
    • Others cite me as the original bargain basement shopper.
    • America has become a bargain basement destination for Irish shoppers.
    • We crossed over to Zhuhai in Mainland China and walked into a vast bargain basement mall.
    • So, without further ado let's take a wander through the bargain basement of my shopping patterns.
    • But we are shopping in the bargain basement here, and there is no time to get sniffy.
    • Rumours abound that, in spite of Aer Lingus's difficulties, a number of European airlines are sniffing round the shop in search of the great bargain basement sale.
    • However, this has made the country a bargain basement for exports and has given it a massive opportunity to earn foreign exchange, which it has seized with both hands.
    • It's tedious and predictable - a bargain-basement version of Bladerunner whose only original idea comes from Dick's wafer-thin storyline.