Translation of barge in Spanish:


barcaza, n.

Pronunciation /bɑrdʒ/ /bɑːdʒ/


  • 1

    barcaza feminine
    gabarra feminine
    • During slack water, tugs tow freight barges and rafts of logs through the narrows with scant room to manoeuvre.
    • Over on the river, flat-bottomed barges being loaded with cargo and refugees headed off down the river.
    • Farmers throughout the Midwest and southern states ship their produce on barges down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, where they are loaded onto ocean-going vessels.
    • At night, its surface always glittered with the lanterns of passing trade ships and river barges.
    • When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lets water out of Georgia's West Point Lake to bring barges up the Chattahoochee River, it pulls the plug on recreational boating, too.
    • In Bordeaux, barges must carry chunks of the fuselage up the Garonne River under an 18 th-century bridge that offers scant clearance.
    • The Saram was riddled with shallows and waterfalls above Derm, but from that point south river barges could ferry them down the lower Saram, Morvan, and Bellwater to the Bay of Kolvania.
    • The United States is a very attractive market, easy to access by ocean-going vessels and river barges.
    • After checking into their hotel when they arrive, they can stroll up to where the many canal barges are moored.
    • His father owns mills in the country and a lot of the barges on the canal and the Thames.
    • The barge carrying the linkspans arrived from Poland early on Tuesday morning.
    • Transport now includes harbour ferries, and ferries or barges on rivers or lakes.
    • Although built in 1953 she reflects the design of horse drawn barges used when the canal first opened more than 200 years ago.
    • He spent his childhood on canal barges until he became a farmhand at the age of 12.
    • The community council was waiting upon written confirmation from Waterways Ireland that they could extend the operating area of the barge from the canal to the Barrow.
    • Now, the barge will ply the canal again, as it once did in the 1940s.
    • We hear the chants of the trackers as they pull the barge on the canal.
    • Pupils were treated to a trip to Athy, where they visited the Heritage Centre and had a trip in a barge along the canal.
    • Up at the top of 274 steps, Dordrecht and its bridges, rivers and ponderous barges lay open for admiration.
    • The lift was originally used to carry barges of salt, coal and clay.
    • Minister O'Donoghue also spoke of the town as a popular boating centre and a base for the pleasure barges on the Barrow.
    • But like this horse-riding character, Eggers is not on a pleasure barge.
    • Many involved smaller boats, such as tugs, barges and fishing boats, in the Malacca Straits and Indonesian waters.
    • Until very recently, the casino had to be an actual boat, not a barge, even if it never left the dock, making for cramped conditions.
    • Surrounded by a lake in the centre of Bandar Seri Begawan, the ceremonial barge remains unused.
    • There rode ships from France, England, Holland, China and Japan, while innumerable boats and gilded barges rowed by sixty men plied to and fro.
    • The Museum of Richmond is hosting a talk on royal barges and other boats as part of its Tudor by the Thames activities week.
    • This shows the aged and ailing Richelieu slumped against cushions in his barge, towing the boat in which the young and healthy conspirators are being taken to their place of execution.
    • Boats carry people from one place to another, farmers and fishermen bring their produce to the city to sell, and every year the king of Thailand holds important ceremonies on the water in his royal barge.
    • He said this week he wants to build a marina there with up to 300 boat slips and install a barge with a bandstand.
    • A second gong sounds and the curtains fall off the barge that is being towed behind the boat.
    • Each year, thousands of tourist flock to Robertstown to enjoy the natural amenities in the area, with most visitors taking in a trip on the barge along the Grand Canal.
    • Starting at the Palais Rohan, where Napoleon dumped Josephine, long glass-roofed bateaux mouches, or river barges, follow a lazy route through the Ill canals.
    • One of the most moving and unforgettable moments for all who witnessed that sad and highly emotive day of his funeral was to watch the barge carrying him down the mighty River Thames.
    • One of Calderdale's most colourful characters got the send-off he wanted when a barge carrying his coffin ferried him to his final resting place.
    • He purchased the business in 1995 with his wife, Barbara, and rents out canal barges to holidaymakers.
  • 2

    lancha feminine
    • The last anyone heard of him he was an oarsman on an officer's barge.
    • We came over in the barge to the Hall with his Excellency, the ladies and the officers.
    • Exhibits include an officers barge captured during the French invasion of 1796.
  • 3informal, derogatory

    (old vessel)
    barcucho masculine informal, derogatory

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to barge in
    she barged through the crowd se abrió paso a empujones entre la multitud
    • Mid-interview, his adopted son, Michael, noisily interrupts as he barged in with a few friends clutching a bunch of bananas.
    • It is true that nowadays people are less willing to wait and more people than ever seem to barge in rudely and think nothing of it.
    • I told the angel of my intentions and asked forgiveness for barging in so rudely before.
    • Just then Hunter Niall came barging in the now broken door.
    • If you stage any kind of fake fight or attack, this is the guy who will think it's real and barge in and try to break it up to save the day.
    • In fact, it's just about to get steamy when the door bursts open and Lisa, Kim and Zoë barge in.
    • Victor could tell that Omar was angry with someone barging in the palace meeting room and interrupting him.
    • Speakers are relieved to find that they won't be sleeping in a hammock out on the porch, and that their hosts won't be barging in every half-hour to try and sell some more Amway products.
    • Our young pups were having a good scamper when a man from the council came barging in with a clipboard shouting ‘No, no, no!’
    • Normally, our digital tools are intrusive, constantly barging in to demand our attention with e-mail alerts, beeping instant messages and phone calls.
    • But Zack can't abide another person having a few moments of privacy, generally barging in and making his presence known.
    • The doctor came barging in and ruined my happy place by saying, ‘I think you're ready to go home.’
    • Kaplan's got both his hats on at the same time, and the travel writer (who likes flavors and vistas) keeps barging in.
    • You have the best of intentions, you're old enough to feel confident about interrupting anything that isn't appropriate, yet you can't just go barging in.
    • And when he'd come barging in on you, he would be talking out of his head about something you wouldn't even know what he was mad about.
    • There aren't political questions here, except potentially if stupid lawyers come barging in and start treating games as something other than games.
    • See, I went to the gym for the first time in a long time Saturday morning, and then Sunday night Aunt Flo came barging in.
    • He became notorious for showing up at events to which he was not invited and barging in, often as his German general character.
    • But dedicated lanes should be monitored so that buses move only on them, without other vehicles barging in.
    • I am quite happy being miserable and I don't want you barging in and ruining it.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (player/goalkeeper) (con el hombro) empujar British
    to barge one's way abrirse paso a empujones
    • As the France international defender pulled up to allow the ball to run out of play, Beattie first barged his opponent and then butted him in the back of the head.
    • The powerful striker barged his man out the way before bravely stretching to toe poke the ball past keeper Phil Naisbett for his first strike in five months.
    • Or Bobo Balde crazily barging David Clarkson off the ball as the Motherwell man bounded into the box four minutes later to concede a penalty slotted away by Richie Forlan for an equaliser.
    • It's like they're racing you, barging you out of the way from the side.
    • The first, for a shoulder charge by Luke Young, was justifiably denied but the second, when Fortune barged him in the back, looked a good shout.
    • There is no doubt that a Nottingham player was barged off the ball, but he was at least five metres off-side, in front of the kicker.
    • Wing Jon Steel gave Caley a glimmer of hope with a late run, but when he was barged into touch by Delme Williams, the chance was gone.
    • When I came out of my cubicle and crossed to the washbasin, the mother barged me out of the way as she went to catch up with Nana.
    • With Thomson about to nod his second from point blank range he was barged off the ball by Scott Thomson.
    • In the other, I was barged into by a lorry when the driver ran out of room on his side of the road.
    • Just practicing the time-wasting skills that I have developed over time. The triplets were messing around as usual, trying to barge me into walls, etc.
    • The players who exemplify the respective styles of their teams are Henry and Emile Heskey, an awesome beast who can barge Martin Keown off a 50-50 ball and charge goalwards.
    • Earning their stripes: Home captain Scott Thomson tries to dig the ball out for Dunfermline as Partick Thistle's Jamie Mitchell attempts to barge him out of the way at East End Park yesterday.
    • When Martin Bullock tried to barge another motorist off the road and hurled abuse at him he picked on the wrong man.
    • McCrickard then off loaded to Simon Gribben and although he was barged over by Shane McMahon, he still managed to squeeze his shot past Featherstone.
    • Garcia almost escapes in behind the Tunisia defence, but the burly figure of Jaidi barges him out of the way.
    • And then this evening, throwing off her melancholy, she had barged him without warning and jinked away with a cheeky backward glance, rolling a couple of the cubs onto their backs as she ran.
    • Parity persisted until two minutes before half-time when, after Muir had been penalised for barging in the lineout, Monro put over his second goal to give Heriot's a 6-3 interval lead.
    • But a two-man overlap on the right went begging and 13 minutes later Plymouth were level, No8 Dan Ward-Smith barging in seconds after being held up over the line.
    • Stenhouse put Hawick ahead for the first time when Hawks were penalised for barging in the lineout.