Translation of baritone in Spanish:


barítono, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrəˌtoʊn/ /ˈbarɪtəʊn/


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    barítono masculine
    he sings baritone tiene voz de barítono
    • The group of unaccompanied voices comprises bass, baritone, tenor, mezzo-soprano and soprano.
    • Sitting on a low stool and cradling his beloved guitar he sang in a rich baritone a mixture of haunting ballads and cheery folk songs.
    • His bass baritone is rich and meaty, just like his heart.
    • Or you could board the 165 along Guy and be rattled in your boots by Jacques Roy's big, booming baritone as he sings show tunes in your ear.
    • Hawley's style, his sturdy baritone singing songs that combine hints of country with pre-rock pop and orchestral flourishes overlaid with healthy dollop of reverb, has a robust appeal.
    • ‘I can't love you any more,’ I sang in my very best imitation of Bebe Daniels, which isn't very good but then a bass baritone can only do so much in the way of 1940s popular soprano.
    • His bass baritone voice has made him a popular figure in churches and concert halls around the district, he has a house in Church Street and has now notched up 40 years in business.
    • Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise rose up from the congregation, filling the church with strong English baritones and contraltos.
    • The child's sound had matured into a full, rich baritone.
    • It was male, a baritone that held a sense of authority.
    • With his rich baritone and powerful stage presence, Davis made his mark as an actor, playwright, and spoken-word artist over a distinguished career that lasted nearly 60 years.
    • Ian Storey is a wonderfully swaggering Pinkerton and his powerful baritone proves the perfect counterpoint to Butterfly's swooning.
    • The only parallel is DeRosa's soft voice, falling somewhere between a baritone and a tenor.
    • My top action hero this week is Dwayne Croft, who sings baritone for the Metropolitan Opera.
    • From down the alley they could hear the high-pitched sound of a woman's voice, followed by the rich baritone of man.
    • Crey's voice was a deep baritone that struck her as slightly out of place coming from such a slender build of a man, but what shocked her more was the bow of his head in deference that accompanied his words.
    • We sat there mesmerized by the ringing baritone of his inspired voice, coming, as if from the hollows of a cave from some part of a high mountain range, where civilization could never reach or discover.
    • His voice, a deep baritone of startling beauty, awakened the girl from her lapse.
    • A voice spoke from behind him, a deep and rich baritone which made him jump slightly.
    • On Sings Pajo introduced his shaky baritone to the world along with a new-found talent for writing great rootsy folk.
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    barítono masculine
    • The all-male line-up is two countertenors, one tenor, two baritones, and one bass.
    • That, if you have - if taking a group of people who are singing - an average cross-section of that population - you're going to find sopranos, altos, mezzos, tenors, baritones, and basses.
    • There are eight sopranos, four mezzos, one counter-tenor, three tenors, seven baritones, and two basses.
    • Soprano Raquel Lojendio is the lovely soloist in five of the songs; together, she and the baritone also sing a lullaby for the baby Jesus.
    • Devoted to music by American composers, it included songs by John Alden Carpenter and Charles Ives sung by the American baritone Victor Prahl with Messiaen at the piano.
    • Your teachers were all baritones and even your tenor voice has a distinct baritonal touch to it…
    • Not only were we treated to the MMDG Music Ensemble, but live vocals from a soprano, baritone, alto and tenor.
    • For starters, it isn't often that we hear Falstaff, usually assigned to veteran baritones, sung by a major youthful voice in its prime.
    • Baker responds with two stunning performances, even though I have to overcome my resentment that she's snatched a solo cantata usually taken by baritones and basses.
    • Whatever else might ail the music industry, the market is booming in bass baritones.
    • This is the first time I've heard of a baritone singing it.
    • Technically, Bruce is known as a bass baritone but within that he has been able to sing a variety of roles.
    • In this scene, Edgardo and Enrico, both hell-bent on revenge, breathe fire at each other, and Donizetti responds with an appropriately militant duet for tenor and baritone.
    • The Welsh baritone Bryn Terfel sang three of Hans Sachs' monologues with a depth of dramatic penetration that was awesome.
    • They also allowed the tenor roles of Homonay and Zsupán to be sung by a baritone and a bass-baritone, respectively.
    • In an accompanying audio track, a baritone slowly sings the children's lullaby that lent its title to the exhibition.
    • Young baritone Andrew Schroeder has sung the title role in Brussels and New York City, and it sounds like he owns it.
    • Bass baritone Donnie Ray Albert imbued each of the five sections with intense, dramatic power.
    • Opera singer Cecilia Bartoli won female artist of the year, with best male artist going to the bass baritone Bryn Terfel.
    • She is joined by soprano Anny Felbermayer, baritones Josef Metternich and Harald Pröglhöpf, tenor Murray Dickie, and bass Walter Berry.


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    (voice/part) de barítono
    (instrument) barítono