Translation of barn in Spanish:


granero, n.

Pronunciation /bɑrn/ /bɑːn/


  • 1

    (for crops) granero masculine
    (for livestock) establo masculine
    they live in a great barn of a place viven en un caserón enorme
    • Also within the wall would have been a well, latrines, a chapel, workshops, barns, pens for livestock, hen houses and perhaps other outbuildings.
    • On the way to the working farm, they marvel at the bucolic scene - rolling hills with acres of corn and soybean fields, the green pastures interspersed with barns and farm houses.
    • Clean livestock barns have fewer fly problems.
    • The study site at Badajoz consists of open farmland with pastures, cereals, and fruit plantations, and most barn swallows breed in barns and other farm buildings.
    • The traditional farm buildings are located behind the farmhouse and include a bothy, stores, barn and livestock accommodation.
    • At that time it was a conventional row-crop farm with an unused barn and silos.
    • It is understood that she was working in a hay barn when two large straw bales fell from a stack onto her.
    • We remodeled part of a barn on Colin's farm into a wire-floored nursery with pull-plug flush gutters and an outside pit.
    • The hogs are farrowed outdoors or in barns or hoop buildings with bedding.
    • Instead of him hauling silage into the barn and manure out, the cows do it now, he says.
    • The livestock pens and barns held little interest for her, although she took the time to check out the horse barn, filled with stalls.
    • He talked to a group of Canadian Forces reservists, visited the livestock barns and posed for several pictures.
    • Windows were opened, livestock rustled in their barns, children's voices began to mingle with those of their parents.
    • His statement about building livestock barns in swampy areas is particularly insulting.
    • He confirmed that his prior letter requesting permission for a barn and livestock was ‘inaccurate’.
    • In the US, tornadoes twisting at 300 mph sometimes sweep a path a mile wide over 50 miles, lifting and dumping trucks, barns, livestock and people.
    • This configuration recalls the form of traditional livestock barns with a center walkway and animal stalls to each side.
    • Initially the birds vanished from the countryside, as farmers learnt how to farm more efficiently and tougher hygiene rules led to the sealing of barns and grain stores.
    • A small main house sat in front of a larger feed shed, a tool shed, and a pair of large barns emitting intermittent livestock noises.
    • An enclosed stone-built courtyard houses a range of farm buildings, a hay barn and a secure workshop.
  • 2US

    (for vehicles)
    cochera feminine
    • One barn featured rapid transit cars that were awaiting some restoration.
    • ALL Santa wants for Christmas is a new barn, shed or stable for his sleigh.
    • In the car barn we saw numbers 2002 through 6 in various stages of build.
    • Build your ideal garage, coach house style car barn, workshop or storage barn with these blueprints
    • The quake and resulting fire destroyed the power houses and car barns of both the Cal Cable and the URR's Powell Street lines, together with the 117 cable cars stored within them.