Translation of barn dance in Spanish:

barn dance


  • 1

    fiesta donde se baila música folclórica (dance party)
    • There is word about a barn dance coming to town but you'll read more about that next week.
    • This year's event will conclude with a barn dance.
    • Finally he said, ‘There's going to be a barn dance in town tomorrow night and I was thinking that maybe you would like to go with me.’
    • This would have been the first year I could have stayed at the barn dance all night.
    • We ain't talking about a stolen kiss at the barn dance, y'understand.
    • Hamilton's hosted a spectacular old-fashioned barn dance over the weekend.
    • Cast and crew celebrated after the run with a Harvest Fest barn dance, which ran into the early hours of the morning.
    • This is the band that provided such excellent music at last year's barn dance.
    • An enjoyable youth barn dance was held on Friday night in the Old Tithe Barn, Stanway, by kind permission of Mr Guy Benson and Lady Violet Benson.
    • If you're after a dance floor that is occupied by people who wouldn't look out of place at a church hall barn dance then this is the place for you.
    • Those present were not shy when it came to singing, or using the floor, for a favourite barn dance played to the healing rhythm of the dancing flames flickering on the walls in the fading light.
    • In Grange Hall on Thursday, January 29, there will be a barn dance starting at 10 p.m. to raise funds for the N.W. Hospice.
    • There will be a barn dance in Jack's Bar, Askeaton on Friday, April 16 in aid of the Special Baby Unit, Maternity Hospital, Limerick.
    • A barn dance will be held at Hither Green Primary School to raise money for the charity Volunteer Reading Help, which supports children in the borough who find reading a challenge.
    • A barn dance will take place in Kinlough Community Centre on Friday, June 20, commencing at 10.30 pm.
    • The couple are celebrating their anniversary on December 19 with a barn dance for friends and family this weekend.
    • Mrs. Wilcock had told Thirza that her daughter Myra would be at the culmination of the weeks festivities which was a barn dance being held at the village hall on Saturday night.
    • He looked like some weird gentleman farmer at a barn dance - ‘Hello, well done everybody‘.
    • Class distinction goes out of the window when Lords, Ladies, gamekeepers and farmers all wear Barbour to some country pursuit like a clay-pigeon shoot or barn dance.
    • They also went to a couple of barn dances and a church picnic in town together.
  • 2British

    baile folclórico inglés (country dance)
    • Forget truth, principles and allegiance, the council chamber now appears to be like a bad barn dance with Better Bedford calling ‘change your partners step this way.’
    • The dances are not energetic in the sense that a barn dance or a ceilidh is.
    • He loved music and was a caller at local barn dances and enjoyed sequence dances.
    • The dance troupe was wearing dungarees and wellies and carrying buckets, and the routine was performed in a barn dance style.
    • The band began to play weddings and barn dances, but found that even with a mix of covers and their own songs, the music was taking a strange turn all its own.