Translation of barnstorm in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɑrnˌstɔrm/ /ˈbɑːnstɔːm/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    recorrer zonas rurales durante una campaña electoral
    • He tells the life of a child in a family troupe of actors as they barnstorm the West and South, including a stint near the front during the Mexican-American War.
    • Paige, in particular, became nationally famous through barnstorming around the country.
    • San Francisco poets Tarin Towers and Daphne Gottlieb, Eitan Kadosh from L.A. and Phoenix's Eirein Bradley barnstormed with O'Hara through 35 U.S. cities over the summer.
    • Catch the insanity on and off the stage with The Kids in the Hall as they barnstorm across North America on their historic 2000 reunion tour.
    • Shouldn't be too hard a chore, especially as the trio barnstorms through various cities across Canada in and around the Junos.
    • The band coalesced in 1998 during a legendary trek across Canada, where the members busked and barnstormed for gas money and food whenever they could.
    • His recordings were freshly introduced to new listeners daily and he barnstormed the country before capacity crowds all through the 90s before disbanding the organization, warehousing the gear and taking a break.
    • Together with 1st drummer Randy Curnew they barnstormed Canada, touring by any means possible and self-releasing their first record "Midnight is the Answer" on vinyl w/ a free cd early '04.
    • Lou hung tough and earned an increasingly fine living simply by being himself—a broadcaster, a bandleader, an irrepressible salesman, and a radio station chieftain.
    • He's toured from coast to coast, playing both clubs and festivals, and barnstormed his way across England.
    • The original Dodworth brothers were founding members of the New York Philharmonic and their brass band, the Dodworth Band of New York, barnstormed the country during the Civil War.
    • After briefly working with B.B. King in Memphis, Perkins barnstormed the South with Earl Hooker during the early fifties.
    • Springtime for Henry played Broadway in the early '30s and then again in the early '50s but became a laughingstock as Edward Everett Horton repeatedly barnstormed it.