Translation of barometer in Spanish:


barómetro, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈrɑmədər/ /bəˈrɒmɪtə/


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    barómetro masculine
    • Various instruments like thermometers and barometers are used to measure this.
    • Their weather station houses barometers, thermometers, a wind vane, and a rain gauge.
    • We have text on how a barometer measures air pressure that you might be interested in.
    • There you should be able to find thermometers, rain gauges, wind vanes and possibly barometers and humidity gauges.
    • The DNS Pro models also have a barometer, altimeter and weather-forecasting capability.
    • Fortunately, more ships than today sailed along the USA's coasts in the 19th century and their captains generally had barometers and an eye for weather.
    • In Kendal, Dalton started to keep a metrological journal, he made his own thermometers, barometers and other instruments.
    • In Italy, Torricelli did research which led to developing the barometer and the measure of air pressure.
    • Among the chosen are barometers which can monitor and forecast weather conditions using graphic icons.
    • The barometer was not developed to measure atmospheric pressure as it is used for today.
    • Before departing, the master of the Koombana had noted the low barometer, and had said he expected a slow trip to Broome.
    • There is nothing on George's interest in scientific instruments, beyond clocks and barometers, and only one small case on the Queen's patronage of botany and ‘women's’ crafts.
    • The atmospheric pressure on each experimental day was recorded using a barometer.
    • In Frémont's time the connection between weather events and changes in local air pressure were not well understood; barometers were rare and used primarily to measure elevation.
    • Nor does it count as an explanation of today's rainstorm to claim that it rained because a barometer reading decreased yesterday.
    • As the barometer had indicated, the storm swiftly arrived, but not from the expected direction.
    • The most frequent weather-tech questions I receive involve the use of altimeters, barometers, and/or track elevation.
    • They had sextants, early microscopes, clocks, thermometers, and barometers.
    • The barometer is dropping, so we may be in a blizzard by midday.
    • Falling barometers are regularly followed by storms, but do not cause them.