Translation of barre in Spanish:


barra, n.

Pronunciation /bɑr/ /bɑː/


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    barra feminine
    • It also highlights a line of specialty items, such as ballet/stretching barres.
    • I only see barres and mirrors otherwise the ballet class looks rather bare…
    • ‘We can add a staff person, we get a faculty/company lounge, a 60’ x 40’ rehearsal space, three studios with sprung wood floors, new mirrors and barres, and space for on-site set, props, and costume storage.’
    • Still, dancers who are growing can offset injuries, to some degree, by adding floor barres and other body conditioning activities (such as Pilates) to increase strength.
    • The first act, art deco in style with black, white, and shining chrome, drew deserved applause when the mirrored walls and barres of the studio magically transformed into a gleaming train.
    • Upon walking into the new and impressive complex of CPYB, I was surprised to see the excellent bodies of this young company walking in the hall and standing at the barres.
    • Unlike the other spaces, the Alice offered existing arts facilities, pre-equipped with dance floors, barres, and dressing rooms.
    • All we have to do is pull up the carpets, lay the floors, and install barres and mirrors.
    • They were not furniture to store dance bags, substitute barres, or places to park ashtrays, coffee cups, and soda cans.
    • Holding on to the barres, they moved into first position as the classical music started.
    • The photo shows the company doing their barre exercises.
    • The exercises at the barre should prepare the students in specific ways for what she plans to present in the center.
    • Stand holding the ballet barre with one hand, other hand at your waist.
    • For example, where you once saw a hand rail, see a ballet barre.
    • Marloth guides a series of intensive ballet barre exercises targeting the glutes, hips and thighs.
    • The 19-year-old farm boy gave up the school gym's chin-up bar for the ballet barre in Nancy Hoggins's basement studio.
    • Although she still gets to the gym by six every morning, works out on the machines, submits to a personal trainer and does a ballet barre, she no longer performs.
    • A ballet barre, for example, will get you ready for class by increasing your body temperature, suppleness and muscular control.
    • We also incorporated movements on the ballet barre to deeply stretch and target lower-body muscles.
    • It's a mixed combination - classical, some modern and some jazz during the ballet barre.