Translation of barrel in Spanish:


barril, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrəl/ /ˈbar(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(container)

      barril masculine
      tonel masculine
      • Transfer to a wooden barrel or similar container and leave to cool down to a temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius.
      • Use what you have - rocks, broken-up concrete, logs, old metal barrels or even sawhorses.
      • There were cobwebs and old wooden crates and barrels scattered carelessly about; evidently, this place had once been used for storage.
      • The masseur took a wooden barrel containing liquid medicine that compounds 28 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine.
      • The building itself was made out of wood, and contained several rusted metal barrels and crates.
      • If your garden space is limited, try planting bluebonnets in containers such as large clay pots, wooden barrels, or planter boxes.
      • Butter has been stored and shipped in wooden barrels, casks, tubs, and eventually paraffin paper and parchment.
      • Shelley reached out and ran a finger along the wooden stock and metal barrel.
      • The owner produces it in small quantities and he matures it in earthenware containers rather than in wooden barrels as most vineyards do today.
      • Its a patriotic American living thing and it arrives in a traditional hoop bound oak stave barrel half all ready to be planted in Washington DC.
      • This port is put into wooden port barrels or pipes, but instead of just two years in oak as in the case of a declared vintage port, it spends four to six years in barrel.
      • They develop in almost any container that collects rainwater, such as barrels, tanks, old tires, cups, cans, and bottles.
      • Many gardeners enjoy planting violas in windowboxes, cedar deck planters, wooden half barrels, and a host of other containers.
      • Organic containers such as leather or wooden wine barrels may also have travelled north into Europe but have not survived.
      • The coopers walk round the barrel knocking down the temporary iron hoops.
      • Modern farming generates a significant amount of waste such as fertiliser bags, silage wrapping, barrels, scrap metal fencing wire drums and strings from bales.
      • Reports by the Heilongjiang Daily and Xinhua News Agency said five metal barrels were uncovered at a construction site in the city on August 4.
      • The butter made at the summer dairies was easily stored in wooden boxes and small barrels and during the winter was an important complement to most foods.
      • Back then the barrels were wooden and extremely heavy it was hard work.
      • The final scene in the wine cellar became much more realistic and professional with the introduction of dark lighting, wine barrels and metal gate.

    • 1.2(measure of oil)

      barril masculine
      • Annual capacity would be 200,000 tonnes, equivalent to 1.7 million barrels or 1.97 million hectolitres of beer.
      • The tanker Jessica - carrying some 7700 barrels of fuel - ran aground on Tuesday.
      • By 1911 the Moturoa oilfield had three wells producing around 110 barrels of oil a week.
      • Look, generally speaking $1 a barrel is roughly a cent a litre, maybe slightly less.
      • The two-year-old plant has the capacity to make 3,000 barrels of crude biofuel each week.
      • A brewer's barrel holds 36 gallons, they produce 120 a week.
      • Plus, good to the last gallon or barrel: we'll hear from an author who says oil is running out and fast.
      • From 200 tons of turkey waste this plant can produce roughly 450 barrels of oil a day, which is being sold commercially.
      • The cask in which Ronald Huckvale will be placed on his 21st birthday will be a ponto - the equivalent in gallonage to four barrels.
      • Anheuser-Busch, which sold almost 110 million barrels of beer worldwide last year, finds the Sunshine State a thirsty one.
      • By 1985 there was still 15 million barrels per day spare capacity, about a quarter of world demand at the time.
      • Asia uses roughly 20 million barrels daily for 3.6 billion people (including India).
      • Ten years ago we had about 5 million barrels of spare capacity.
      • Supply from Iraq, which daily pumped at most half of its estimated 2.1 million barrels capacity last year, remains uncertain.
      • In 2001, the industry produced more than 6.2 million barrels of craft beer in the United States.
      • South Africa has the most important refineries in the region with a total capacity of 650 000 barrels per day.
      • The pipeline has the capacity to carry 250,000 barrels of oil a day.
      • A new refinery will be constructed in central Iraq, with a production capacity of 30,000 barrels per day.
      • Overall, the refineries have a combined capacity of 1.05 million barrels per day.
      • Richard and Jude produce 15 barrels of beer a week at present and soon hope to take on their first full time employee.

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    • 2.1

      (of handgun) cañón masculine
      (of cannon) tubo masculine
      • They are the Mom and Dad and kids walking to work or school while looking for a gun barrel pointed at them from a white van.
      • On the shallow side of the bridge we found the C gun turret, its barrel pointed slightly down towards the deck.
      • The Rakais warrior brought the heavy barrel of the rail gun to bear on the armor not more than a hundred meters from his position and pressed a small switch on the weapon's handle.
      • All he saw was the barrel of a gun pointed in his face.
      • She started to point the barrel of her gun at his forehead.
      • Criminals could learn to defeat this system by altering the gun barrel with an instrument, but the system could prove useful.
      • She felt the barrel of a gun pointed at the back of her head.
      • Lou quickly pushed the gun down so the barrel pointed the ground.
      • Instead of using explosives to propel a shell out of a gun barrel, a rail gun uses magnetism to speed a projectile along two rails.
      • He stared at the floating gun, the barrel of which was pointed at him.
      • My biggest nemesis began to quiver as I pointed the barrel of his own gun at him.
      • Beside it, another tense wooden spar holds an inscribed scarf and an enigmatic black tube resembling a rifle barrel.
      • Eries raised his gun and pointed its barrel at two lone guards on the far side of the light.
      • On each side of his head, above each ear, were black metal guns with their narrow barrels pointed forwards connected by a black band around the back of his head.
      • The original bunker busters used in the first gulf war were made from the barrels of large navel guns filled with 250 lbs of explosives and fitted with guiding fins.
      • For more than a decade, we knew only one thing, to settle arguments through the barrels of our guns.
      • So there we were, on that dusty street in ‘High Noon’ eyeing each other down the barrels of our guns.
      • As Mr Smith got into Hickson's van, Hickson fired off both barrels of the gun, one blast hitting him in the neck, the other hitting the driver's seat.
      • That is, with both shotgun barrels, a sub-machine gun, and a howitzer.

    • 2.2(of pen)

      cañón masculine

    • 2.3(of lock)

      cilindro masculine

transitive verb barreling, bareled, barrelling, barrelled

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    (beer/wine) embarrilar
    • Barreling your beer is much less messy and time-consuming than using bottles.
    • The natural pressure will build up during the secondary fermentation, caused by the addition of priming sugar and barreling the beer before the yeast has died.
    • All waste oil is barreled for pick up by a waste oil burning company.

intransitive verb barreling, bareled, barrelling, barrelled

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    (move fast)
    we were barreling down the road íbamos disparados por la carretera
    • The idea would have been appealing, had we not been traveling at 65 mph on the highway, with tractor-trailers barreling along beside us.
    • They were barreling along much like monkeys, swinging their legs forward then their arms, hissing and screeching the entire time.
    • The driver lost control and barrelled off the road narrowly missing one of the other jeeps as he did.
    • The Shadow Warrior was barreling down fast, he was just about to run over the top of Harry when… BAAAAM!
    • The old-school wheeled contraption barreled down the road faster than Marcus or Trevor expected.
    • This week, another runaway dump truck from a local construction site barrelled out of control down one of West Vancouver's steep streets.
    • Two four-wheeled drives barrelled over the crossing, somehow missing him.
    • So insignificant, but I was walking home very late and in my rush almost barreled into a woman who was intensely trying to fish out some candy from a pesky wrapper.
    • Chris barreled toward her nervous stature at a fast speed, his long arms wrapping themselves around her frame as he spun her around.
    • Corks's eyes shot open as a heavily damaged Dominion Interceptor barreled toward them out of control.
    • He came barrelling forward charging Brian like a bull.
    • The impact caused the car to swerve 180 degrees, and it completely missed the conveyor belt, instead barreling toward the very small office of Mr. Vanderjagt.
    • Erin was supposed to be watching for race cars barreling down the road, but he was busy describing his adventures at the mini-games park to Mr. Saturn.
    • Lian is barreling down the corridor blasting anything in sight.
    • So, as you might imagine, a planet wide radar would obviously detect a ship barreling down at full speed with all weapons blazing.
    • Most people would have panicked and fled at the sight of such a huge creature barreling forward at high speed with intent to kill.
    • She dribbled up the middle and rather than stopping when she saw Jaelyn in front of her she barreled on charging her friend and making the shot.
    • Jerry yelled as he barreled down the rubberized stairs to the band room.
    • It barrels down the tracks so fast, he thinks, that it can't stop.