Translation of barrier in Spanish:


barrera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛriər/ /ˈbarɪə/

Definition of barrera in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(wall)

      barrera feminine
      muro masculine
      crash barrier valla protectora
      • crowd barrier valla de contención
      • barrier methods of contraception métodos anticonceptivos mecánicos / de barrera
      • However, he told council he would like to protect the fence with barriers, to prevent vehicle operators from accidentally running into the fence.
      • The only barrier is to the movement of cars onto the streetcar tracks.
      • As helicopters buzzed overhead, army engineers erected concrete barriers and razor wire fences in the fields off Drumcree Road.
      • A bulldozer blade would be similarly effective today, for use in clearing rabble and barriers during urban movement.
      • The Oceanlab team discovered that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a barrier to the movement of deep-sea fish between the east and west Atlantic Ocean.
      • The buried debris then acts as a physical barrier to the movement of water upward and downward.
      • Over the past year their government has set about establishing that separation unilaterally by the construction of a serpentine course of fences, barriers, walls.
      • They weren't there to keep me away from, Heaven forbid, a Democrat or a protester; those folks were kept safely behind rings of fences and concrete barriers.
      • Special thanks also to Noel Kenny and Cecil Carter for the sound system, Andrew Broderick for organising the power and to Rent a Fence for providing the barriers.
      • The security perimeter around the missions of the UK, the US and Turkey was widened and new fences and barriers were installed.
      • As security fences and barriers went up, manholes were welded shut and hotels and offices swept by teams of officials.
      • A uniformed cop stands next to the boy and both are enclosed in a space fenced off with four-foot-high barriers.
      • It's one thing to put up a security fence, a barrier that is clearly on your property, the dividing line, so to speak, in order to protect yourself.
      • They were in talks with the council to replace a wooden fence with a barrier but were told last week it would never happen.
      • In the western world, the sea has come to be regarded as a barrier, restricting our movements.
      • Roads passing the hotel will be blocked, local people issued with photographic identity cards and a five-mile steel fence with a second barrier inside the grounds will cordon off the hotel itself.
      • The tahsildar had to intervene and put up a barrier blocking the movement of people and vehicles.
      • Summit delegates will hold their air conditioned talks there behind police lines, wire fences, concrete barriers and the sound of percussion grenades fired at protesters.
      • The mountains provided a natural barrier to allow the settlers to build their own eco-system.
      • The only real injury that I suffered was when I wrenched my knee jumping down from the barrier fence getting out of the ring.

    • 1.2British (gate)

      barrera feminine
      • ticket barrier
      • automatic barrier
      • An investigation has been launched after a minibus full of passengers went through the barriers at Manningtree railway station - just seconds before a train was due to arrive.
      • Automatic barriers at the village railway station were controlled by rail staff during the emergency.
      • Nurses at Wallsend Aged Care Facility have voted to take industrial action if work commences to build barriers or gates to car parking areas.
      • The extra parking revenue will help pay for a new pay station system instead of putting coins in the barrier to leave the car park.
      • She also says that barrier controlled car parks have to be manned at all times so staff can let disabled people out.
      • At other times, the barriers will control access and there will be a Euro2-exit charge.
      • The police also raised the barriers at the Riom tollgate in anticipation of the satanic Vel Satis making a break for freedom.
      • Ticket barriers at stations slow down passenger flow, but the determined non-payer can still vault over them, or sneak through behind a legitimate ticketholder.
      • The train is late and there begins a tiny shuffling, like a re-focusing of the group, as we all look up the tracks where the barriers are still raised and the individual traffic is crossing.
      • They were finally shifted after the council dug trenches and police escorted the caravans and vehicles off the car park, installing barriers in their wake.
      • Road-users were alarmed when the Drypool Bridge started to open without the usual warning signals or barriers being lowered
      • He leapt over station barriers and jumped on the tube.
      • Think Pret a Manger; think bendy buses; think automatic ticket barriers at Charing Cross station.
      • You see, they've installed these ticket barriers at Oxford station and today was supposed to be the day upon which these came into use.
      • Traffic was controlled and barriers put up by the council to keep pedestrians safe and form a protected walkway on the road.
      • Instead he panicked, jumping over the station's ticket barriers and running down to a train where he was shot.
      • I had been to the supermarket, which has a car-park incorporating barriers and tickets.
      • Last February's disaster exposed the inadequacy of barriers dividing road and railway.
      • Many train stations now have automatic barriers that only allow ticket holders onto the platform.
      • The boss of a supermarket is to put barriers across its car park to keep out car cruisers who use it as a meeting place.

  • 2

    • 2.1(obstacle)

      barrera feminine
      language/cultural barrier barrera idiomática/cultural
      • to break down the barriers between nations romper las barreras entre las naciones
      • The large food retailers are going global, and as barriers to trade come down, the economics ate determining where the investment and trade take place.
      • But the remaining barriers to completely liberalized trade lend themselves to be very focused defensive positions.
      • What are the barriers to effective communication?
      • Ironically, those people who make the greatest demands on the healthcare system are those facing the greatest barriers to using online communication tools.
      • The Department of Social Development is mandated with break down barriers to equality of opportunity for Canadians.
      • They are warm, but the language barrier keeps us apart.
      • Sometimes even the language barrier cannot keep hypocrites apart.
      • But the 1970s also witnessed attempts to break down the racial barriers to economic opportunity and home ownership.
      • Patients with communication barriers (eg, language, hearing, speech) should be provided with an interpreter.
      • A helpful part of this section is an explicit description outlining how the program overcame obstacles and barriers to implementation.
      • It would also be informative to track all hospital deaths and discover the obstacles and barriers to obtaining an autopsy.
      • Thai TV, apart from the language barrier, has limited international appeal for these kinds of shows.
      • As for the other subject, elimination of trade barriers to environmental goods and services will facilitate both the expansion of trade and protection of the environment.
      • Through lobbying government, educational workshops, videos and programs, they are working together to remove barriers to women in trades.
      • How far and how quickly to tear down barriers to world farm trade was a key topic of the discussions, which showed countries were still widely split on the issue.
      • The Europeans in this regards are the worst culprits, with more and more useless regulation being used as barriers to free trade.
      • Though volunteers expected all kinds of difficulties the language barrier broke all of Shen's expectations, despite having a good command of English.
      • For decades, the women's movement has challenged the barriers created in part by the dichotomies of female vs. male.
      • With visionaries like this leading the charge, it's hard to conceive of any barriers a hip-hop movement can't break.
      • The language barrier prevented direct access to the sources of supply of Chinese goods and to their final customers.

    • 2.2(crucial point)

      barrera feminine
      the sound barrier la barrera del sonido