Translation of barter in Spanish:


cambiar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbɑrdər/ /ˈbɑːtə/

Definition of cambiar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    to barter sth for sth cambiar algo por algo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer trueques


  • 1

    trueque masculine
    permuta feminine
    (economy/system) (before noun) de trueque
    • But even as you convert from trade to cash, barter still may have a place in your business.
    • Bell's accounts also reveal the prevalence of barter over cash transactions.
    • A system of digital barter would be set up so that one could download viruses only by contributing new viruses.
    • Finally, due to the instability of the financial system in Asia Pacific, counter-trade agreements and barter might be other alternatives for doing business in Asia.
    • They had to resort to direct barter with peasants, exchanging their products or even parts of their machines for food.
    • The Heqanakht letters show us barter and cash transactions.
    • Occasionally, that system of trading degrades into heated barter or anger.
    • Of course, this constant barter of cash for influence represents politics as usual.
    • Businesses typically get by with a mix of cash and barter.
    • Those who survived used credit, barter, and available cash to stay in business.
    • When you do receive a new exploit, either by paying cash or through barter, pretend it's yours.
    • With little cash in circulation, barter is popular.
    • The programme takes them on a journey through time from barter and trade, to today's financial practises.
    • Not only did bookkeeping barter accommodate two-way trade, it also facilitated triangular barter.
    • E-tailers have a lot of returns, and companies that are struggling can use barter to manage their inventories, he adds.
    • That I just might find a friend from barter and trade in no way argues that the store is hospitable to the establishment of friendships.
    • I think it safe to say that the world would be back to an enormously complex and chaotic form of barter and that trade would be reduced to a virtual standstill.
    • You probably have ways of getting things through fair barter or trade.
    • People genuinely thought that after this there would be no more money systems, that it'd all be barter.
    • Burning Man is a refreshing, artsy anomaly in America, a place where commerce and barter are not allowed, replaced instead with selfless giving on an enormous scale.