Translation of bas-relief in Spanish:


bajorrelieve, n.

Pronunciation /bæsrəˈlif/ /ˈbasrɪˌliːf/ /ˈbɑː(s)rɪˌliːf/

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  • 1

    (technique, carving)
    bajorrelieve masculine
    • Inside the temples, however, bas-relief was employed, since it does not produce such contrasts and creates a serene effect in the semi-dark.
    • His works are wall pieces that look like drawings rendered in bas-relief.
    • Basso relievo, low relief or bas-relief, is used when the scale of projection is very much less than that of the other dimensions and there is no undercutting at all.
    • Ornaments carved in bas-relief presented flowing full figures, cherubs, flowers, and crowns.
    • The medal should be seen as it was originally conceived - as a work of art, the highest expression of bas-relief sculpture.