Translation of base hospital in Spanish:

base hospital

hospital de campaña, n.


  • 1

    hospital de campaña masculine
    • It operated fifty-eight domestic and overseas base hospitals for the military, twenty-four of them in France.
    • Both were treated at the base hospital for smoke inhalation.
    • He spent the next 4 hours at the base hospital for treatment and observation, and then returned to the line to continue his maintenance work.
    • A corpsman checked him out, found his pulse and blood pressure to be excessively high, and referred him to the base hospital.
    • She had problems handling the additional stress placed on her just by the trip from the base hospital to the flight line.
    • The center is the second busiest department at the base hospital, second only to family practice.
    • Later that night he made a trip to the base hospital, outside the back entrance he spotted two military vans with the rear doors open, from which large pieces of wreckage protruded.
    • Sergeant Barrios said it was rough emotionally after the amputation, but his family, the base hospital staff, physical therapists, his unit Airmen and fellow dog handlers took care of him.
    • Doctors launched the indefinite strike on June 10 at all general and teaching hospitals and the strike was extended to district and base hospitals from June 11.
    • From 1917 to 1918, he was chief of a base hospital.
    • He is currently in the psycho ward at the base hospital.
    • Soldiers carried Scouts on stretchers to the base hospital, and others were airlifted from the event.
    • He spent two years as an orderly at a base hospital in Normandy.
    • There was no organisational structure in place to deal with the wounded and no ambulance corps to remove them to field or base hospitals.
    • Lieutenant Carberry had to be admitted to the base hospital set up at Columbus, suffering from a severe asthma attack.
    • Of these one third received front-line treatment, two thirds were referred to base hospitals.
    • They set up the base hospital and staffed it, and all AAF personnel were under the command of an American officer who worked jointly with the RAF commanding officer.
    • Most of the Chinese wounded soldiers are not transported to base hospitals in the interior.
    • In case the patient needs surgery, he is referred to the base hospital.
    • He is now in the base hospital in a critical condition.
  • 2Australian

    (serving district)
    hospital comarcal masculine
    • I also say, along with my colleagues Dianne Yates and Nanaia Mahuta, how delighted and proud we are to have recently been part of the announcement of the major capital upgrade of our major base hospital, Waikato Hospital.
    • A monopole on Robinson's Lookout will take the existing signal from Mt Nardi and re-transmit it into parts of East, South, North, and Central Lismore, and areas around the base hospital.
    • The new hospital, Wellington base hospital, being built by this Labour Government will be a modern hospital, a good hospital, and suitable for the needs of the Wellington Capital and Coast region in the years 2005 and beyond.
    • A joint research project between South Auckland Health and AUT found that for low risk women it was less safe for them to birth at base hospitals due to the interventions that they are encouraged to have.
    • If we look at health, we see the spending on health is amazing - and we have a base hospital.
    • Angus was born in the base hospital and there was a huge hole in the wall.
    • But if you take the last season, which was a monster season, I mean, we had roughly about 118 people turn up at the Cairns base hospital alone between November and February.
    • Mr Glachans achievements in his first few years were impressive: a new base hospital, a new police headquarters, a new school for Jindera and the Borella Rd bridge on the Riverina Highway.
    • A proposed design for the redevelopment of Lismore base hospital featuring a new cancer care unit, new mental health unit and expanded emergency department.
    • The Bali victims charity run raised over $30 000 with proceeds going to medical infrastructure in Mackay, the Care Flight Helicopter in Townsville and a humidicrib at Cairns base hospital.
    • Lismore Base Hospital is in the City of Lismore and is the major acute care provider and referral facility for the North Coast Area Health Service.
    • Bundaberg Base Hospital is the public hospital of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.