Translation of base station in Spanish:

base station

estación base, n.


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    estación base feminine
    • This type of technology is called ‘cellular’ because the system uses base stations to divide a service area into multiple ‘cells.’
    • Each cell has a base station that transmits and receives signals over just a small fraction of the frequencies to which the network operator has access.
    • The frames contain the same data received from both base stations covering the cell range at asynchronous timing different from each other.
    • Even so, some larger facilities using trunked two-way systems and base stations also can get pretty expensive.
    • In this way, control channels are placed in time slots such that a base station having a sector cell structure avoids interference from the same frequency.
    • Nokia is investing US $12 billion building an industrial park outside Beijing to make handsets and cellular base stations.
    • The most likely explanation seems to be that Nokia perceives a real threat from WiMAX equipment to its much-vaunted strategy of creating low cost cellular base stations for developing nations.
    • Last year, tests were carried out at five unnamed schools in the Northern and Yorkshire region which have base stations located in their grounds or nearby.
    • We can do an average of maybe two to three towers per metropolitan area and get coverage, vs. hundreds of cellular base stations.
    • The company is also increasing the number of its base stations and cell sites along highways to strengthen what company officials call its backbone.
    • T-mobile said: ‘We do understand there can sometimes be concern when locating base stations in local communities and we are keen to address those concerns through dialogue and consultation.’
    • University's electrical and electronic engineering department, said it was theoretically possible to locate someone using mobile phone base stations or the GPS system.
    • Exposure to radio signals from 3G cellphone base stations can cause headaches and nausea, finds new work from a Dutch research organisation.
    • And positioning using cellphone base stations has a precision of between 50 and 100 metres.
    • Or they can pull a cloak-and-dagger job and install taps at a cellular company's base station.
    • The gear beams broadband from base stations mounted on cell-phone towers to small modems that sit on users' desks as far away as three miles.
    • The NRPB has carried out an expert review of research into the health effects of mobiles and of the base stations and masts which relay signals between phones.
    • Predicting radio coverage area is an important aspect in the design of a land mobile radio system and proper placement of the base station (s).
    • Each transmitter antenna on a building or tower is the base station, or hub, at the centre of a cell.
    • A base station of the system includes an antenna array and a base station receiver.