Translation of basement in Spanish:


sótano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪsmənt/ /ˈbeɪsm(ə)nt/


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    sótano masculine
    • The house is divided horizontally so that she has the basement and ground floor and he has the first and second.
    • Radon levels are generally highest in basements and ground floor rooms that are in contact with the soil.
    • They all have two storeys - either basement and ground, or first floor and attic space.
    • He owned the lot - the basement and the first floor, the one above and the two above that.
    • Does he walk the townships with bodyguards on all sides, stopping to step inside ruined basements and first floors?
    • It was built in the late 1950s, on six floors, with one flat on each floor and a basement.
    • Right now there may only be 3-4 feet of standing water but, if you think about it, most files are kept in the basements or lower floors of courthouses.
    • In Pernik, the Struma river broke through a dyke and flooded basements of nearby buildings, roads, and the town's central bus station.
    • His militia, the Army of the Mahdi, is running courts and jailing people in the basements of tenement buildings.
    • The fire broke out beside a boiler in the basement of the building in the early hours of Friday morning.
    • Those who can't negotiate the grand staircases will be able to enter the building via the basement.
    • There will be some space to hang out and a pool hall is in the basement of the Rumley Building.
    • There is also an additional accommodation on the first floor and basement with a rear access.
    • Those forced to evacuate their homes near Great Falls were able to return within a few days and begin shoveling mud from their basements and replacing damaged floors and furniture.
    • Stationary fuel cells can be installed in the basements of buildings to heat, cool and generate electricity for lights and appliances.
    • Normally she wouldn't be so concerned about blowing something up with such a small charge, but this time if the basements went the whole building would collapse in on itself.
    • They felt like the walls found in the basements of old buildings.
    • He chose to live in the dark and dank bowels and basements of buildings, rejected by family and society.
    • He and Mr. Facey spread kitty litter on the basement floor to absorb the leaked oil.
    • The house itself had a total of four floors, if you counted my basement as a floor.