Translation of baseplate in Spanish:


placa base, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪspleɪt/


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    placa base feminine
    plancha soporte feminine
    • The metal cartridge deck (the baseplate of the cartridge) provides more precise positioning in the drive mechanism, and dissipates more heat than other configurations.
    • Riser pads are thin sheets of plastic that sit between the deck and the baseplate of the truck.
    • Once the faceplate and the baseplate are attached to each other, the capacitor are de-energized and the electric field is dissipated.
    • The Alu bar fits underneath the baseplate of the core - this is a photo of the bottom.
    • After test-fitting the baseplates, I noticed the bottom one was bending down a little already.
    • They are also available in the traditional fixed baseplate design as well as in a removable baseplate design to ease disassembly for cleaning.
    • Having glued both racks, and mounted both drives to their baseplates, I had to make the second baseplate layer before final assembly.
    • The baseplate of the Mighty Demon carburetor serves two principal functions: to connect the carburetor to the engine and to house the throttle plates that control intake.
    • Gold surfaces are often used as baseplates of sensors and in nanomaterials, and scientists have been searching for stable organic coatings they can attach to gold to form an interface between the organic and inorganic worlds.
    • The baseplates were found to be about 1.5m long.
    • It is a little smaller than the sidepanels because it has to fit between the baseplates of the core.
    • The larger contact area of the baseplate transmits more vibration to the surface producing (deeper soil lifts and) more effective compaction.
    • Scoring problems arose with some shotgun targets: spring-mounted impact plates that are scored as hits when they recoil enough to show the orange baseplate.
    • The mount base is bolted to the laser baseplate.
    • On the baseplate, for all the world to see, there was a tiny dimple and the legend ‘FC 60 MATCH’.
    • Perhaps the baseplate is copper after all, coated with aluminium?
    • I guess I'm gonna use it as a baseplate to put the Cube on, that way its still a part of the whole system - it's to beautiful to not use it for something.
    • Here is the core pictured from both ends: the baseplate will be bolted onto the core.
    • A Soviet-made 82 mm mortar weights 60 kg with its bipod and baseplate.