Translation of bashing in Spanish:


tunda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbæʃɪŋ/ /ˈbaʃɪŋ/


  • 1

    tunda feminine
    paliza feminine
    somanta feminine Spain informal
    madriza feminine Mexico informal
    to give sb a bashing darle una paliza (or tunda etc.) a algn
    • A show that has miraculously survived through low ratings and critical bashing for as long as it has deserves a better finale than this.
    • Benefit bashing by the Opposition will not work in today's society.
    • I will stay in medicine, despite all the doctor bashing in the press, I am still proud to be part of the profession.
    • While certain Windsor family members have made some incredible mistakes, the relentless bashing from the press offers little room for the family to regroup and even less for forgiveness.
    • Let us try to get beyond this bloody (I would have done the male thing and used an expletive, but bit my tongue) male bashing.
    • Jacques, baby, you sure make it hard for your friends to denounce mindless France bashing when you pull stuff like this.
    • Unlike the Leader of the Opposition, who is proposing beneficiary bashing under a rehash of the code of social responsibility, this Government is looking for real solutions.
    • The Opposition may carry on beneficiary bashing, but we are getting people back to work.
    • It was in defense of US bashing in a public forum.
    • However, in the case at hand, were Chen's remarks so farfetched that they warrant this kind of public bashing of his credibility and authority?
    • After many years of bashing from pundits and politicians, affirmative action is on the ropes.
    • I made a vow not to engage in anymore nut-baiting or political bashing here.